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~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 12:33 PM 07-22-2008
My 8 year old son loves to read. But here's the catch - to hold his interest, it has to be slightly naughty! For example, he loves Captain Underpants & the My Weird School series. He has read all of each. Can anyone recommend some other series of books he might like? If it has a lot of action he might like that too.

Thanks for your help mamas.

ma_vie_en_rose's Avatar ma_vie_en_rose 12:37 PM 07-22-2008
I am not sure about naughty kind of books for a boy, but I wonder if he would enjoy the Indian in the Cupboard books. I think there are five books in the series.
MommaFox's Avatar MommaFox 12:44 PM 07-22-2008
How's his reading level? If it's average, I'd reccomend Magic Treehouse, because it's fun and educational. I work in a book store, and the popular titles are, of course, Captain Underpants, there's also Geronimo Stilton, Nate thr Great, there's been a Goosbumps series published for the same level. If his reading level is above average, I reccomend The Ranger's Apprentice series. It's kept in sci-fi fantasy, but there's nothing that might be objectionable. They're re-releaseing the Choose Your Own Adventure series. If his reading level is exceptional, I always reccomend Ender's Game. It's a great, fast read and you'll never underestimate a kid again. It all depends on what he's into. Good luck!
plantmama's Avatar plantmama 03:39 PM 07-22-2008
Roald Dahl books?
I really loved series by Lloyd Alexander and The Redwall books by Brian Jaques but they may be a touch too old for him and check them out first because there is death and violence.
The Dragons of Blueland? Pippi Longstocking? Pippi's really pretty naughty
TEAK's Mom's Avatar TEAK's Mom 04:18 PM 07-22-2008
My six year old likes the slightly subversive, too. Roald Dahl is generally a good fit and he wrote across a variety of levels. Personally, I'd get him The BFG to start. It's a great book and has enough farting and earwax to keep most kids happy. The Great Brain books might be fun, too. They are not quite so obviously "naughty" but are full of outlandish boyish pranks and schemes.
Tangled Hill's Avatar Tangled Hill 04:27 PM 07-22-2008
I'd third the Roald Dahl suggestion (and my son says he fourths it!), and I'd add Terry Deary's Horrible Histories series. If he likes Captain Underpants, he may really enjoy these. We adore them! So much fun!
~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 04:27 PM 07-22-2008
Thank you all for the great suggestions! I am off to do a library search right now.
Keep 'em coming mamas!
LauraLoo's Avatar LauraLoo 04:30 PM 07-22-2008
"Horrible Harry" books. (These are slightly naughty, not completely horrible!)
Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 09:16 PM 07-22-2008
Not sure if you can get them in the States, but 'Horrid Henry' by Francesca Simon are very amusing, and definitely on the 'naughty' side. My daughters love them, but all the boys at school read them as well (my dh and I find some of the stories laugh out loud funny also).

Might try an Amazon search for them.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 12:39 AM 07-23-2008
My 8yo recently read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and LOVED it. It looks like there are currently 3 books in the series, with the 4th scheduled to be released this fall.

I'll also second the Choose your Own Adventure type of books. My DS recently discovered these and is enjoying them.

Has your DS read the Harry Potter books yet? My DS is knee-deep in the second book after starting to read the series on his own last month.
chaimom's Avatar chaimom 03:09 AM 07-23-2008
My twins loved the 3-part series, "Starjumper: Diary of a Cardboard Genius." (I think the others have different but similar titles.) The protagonist boy is in about 4th or 5th grade, I think, and has a pesky younger brother.

There's also the Secrets of Droon series-- kind of a fantastical series about three kids who discover a perilous otherworld in a hidden staircase in the basement.

The Fudge series is pretty naughty, but Judy Blume. (It's actually too naughty for our house, although it does make me laugh out loud.)
MissRubyandKen's Avatar MissRubyandKen 10:50 AM 07-23-2008
Garfield books! My 6 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl are totally eating these up right now. My library has some that have been reprinted bigger and in color too. The kids love the humor so much they don't care if its black and white or not though.
4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 11:26 AM 07-23-2008
My ds has the same taste in books, lol. He loves Calvin and Hobbes books (comic strip compilations). I'm about to start reading the Great Brain series by John Fitzgerald. I remember enjoying it when I was a kid and it is full of schemes and naughtiness. There is probably some questionable stuff in there, ideas I'd probably rather ds not try or instances of kids being mean to each other. I remember some slightly scary stuff (kids getting lost in a cave, maybe someone dies at some point in the series). It is historical fiction, more modern than the Little House books.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 03:28 PM 07-23-2008
I totally forgot, but my DS also loves Calvin and Hobbes (he has several compliation books) and Garfield (we've checked out the books so many times from the library!). Calvin and Hobbes can be very philosophical at times, and I'm not sure that my DS really "gets" what he's reading sometimes. But even if he doesn't understand the strip, he still finds it funny.
Thalia the Muse's Avatar Thalia the Muse 04:16 PM 07-23-2008
Calvin and Hobbes and the Great Brain are awesome suggestions, as is Roald Dahl. Time Warp Trio might be enough in the same vein to catch his interest -- a group of boys time-travel and get into trouble.
forrestguy's Avatar forrestguy 04:31 PM 07-23-2008
I haven't read the other posts, so I don't know if anyone else has suggested Chet Gecko private eye. It's slightly naughty. My son doesn't like to read, but he loved these.
They also come on audio. Another good one is Bunnicula, about the vampire bunny.
lindberg99's Avatar lindberg99 06:32 PM 07-23-2008
My 8 yo likes reading Garfield books. He also likes Calvin & Hobbes. As far as series, I finally got him to start on Harry Potter and he loved it! He's now on the second book.

He's also read Animorphs, Charlie Bone, and the Boxcar Children. And he loves the World Almanac for kids and also the Guinness Book of World Records.
Embee's Avatar Embee 12:16 AM 07-24-2008
My DS and I read Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events last fall/winter and he LOVED them! We were up late many nights reading "ONE MORE CHAPTER!"

The books are dark comedy and full of eccentric characters, sad tales and crazy, mysterious adventures. The main characters are three orphans who get bumped from one strange "family" member to the next by being trailed by the first who was to care for them, a strange, cruel (and funny) character named "Count Olaf" who is a master of disguise. The orphans themselves had wonderful, rich personalities and useful talents. DS connected with all of them in a big way.

There are 13 books in the series and there is supplemental material as well. We were able to find them all through our local library systems... we used the hold system when needed, to get the books in order.

The best,
ChickityChinah's Avatar ChickityChinah 03:09 AM 07-28-2008
The Secret of Droon series!! It's wonderful for that age!
Viola's Avatar Viola 04:11 AM 07-28-2008
Lots of good suggestions, but I'll throw out another. It's more adventure than naughty--The Lightning Thief, first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.