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ContentMom's Avatar ContentMom 03:12 PM 01-26-2009
Ours is purple too. Hmm... I never really thought of making something with it. That's an interesting idea. Let us know if you choose a craft, and how it turns out.

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 08:57 PM 01-26-2009
We've often got purple lint, but since dh has to wear purple scrubs for work it was never really surprising. I had no idea how common it was for others.
MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 03:05 AM 01-30-2009
LOL! Mine is almost always pink.
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 04:37 AM 01-30-2009
I have purple lint..almost always....and very few purple or red things????
QueenOfTheMeadow's Avatar QueenOfTheMeadow 12:40 PM 01-30-2009
Moved from tao.
wild fire child's Avatar wild fire child 11:01 PM 02-19-2009
might be nice if it had a purpose, I have extra thick fluffy white lint whenever I wash my diapers, and I know it's 100% cotton.
Mine's usually a gray/blue, most of my clothes are black or blue and I don't have many jeans, so it makes sense.
NoliMum's Avatar NoliMum 02:19 AM 02-21-2009
Sometimes I find little corn kernel shells in there... And I know no one is leaving corn in their pockets. It is definitely diaper residue. Until I don't dry diapers anymore, there's no way the lint is going anywhere but the trash!
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