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liawbh's Avatar liawbh 01:50 PM 01-16-2009
I have a huge amount of Soie Naturelle, and it smells AWFUL. i was going to make a comfort shawl, but as soon as the swatch came out of water, it smelled so wrong. Not the weird fishy smell that silk clothing sometimes gets, this is almost a mildewy smell. combined with something wrose.

Any ideas for fixing it?

flapjack's Avatar flapjack 03:09 PM 01-16-2009
Is it dry yet? How does it smell now?
iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 04:27 PM 01-16-2009
ick- I bought some cotton that smelled like stinky dishrags... so gross. I washed it in a little vinegar and then rinsed with a little tto- made a huge improvement.
liawbh's Avatar liawbh 07:46 PM 01-16-2009
Yep, it's dry. And nasty. I'm going to try some eucalan, but I don't know if it'll help.