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Jen78fl's Avatar Jen78fl 03:03 PM 03-23-2009
Hi all. Well I am kind of interested in making something that I could sell.. Im just wondering do any of you use ebay to sell your handmade items? And what types of items do you sell? I am not sure what types of items I would be able to make yet, I dont really know how to sew. lol The only thing I have made in the past are bracelets.. Anyway, I know alot of you probably use etsy but Im just not sure if it is as popular as ebay. Anyway thanks everyone!


stellabluz's Avatar stellabluz 02:25 PM 04-07-2009
Ebay really sucks for selling handmade things! I have tried over and over, it's so hard, people want a steal, hard to find customers that appreciate, sooo many items it's hard to get noticed. Don't waste your time there, with fees and lack of sales, you'll be bummed. Try etsy, it's cheaper, list everday to get exposure and it is very popular actually.