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burke-a-bee's Avatar burke-a-bee 10:56 PM 04-08-2009
We are not religious and don't have any Easter traditions (food, baskets, etc.). We usually color and hide eggs and that's about it. I need ideas especially crafts of what we could do for Easter. What are your favorites?

Rach's Avatar Rach 05:47 AM 04-09-2009
We take an empty egg shell (from blowing the egg out to make scrambled eggs lol) and then we paint the shell with elmer's glue and stick tiny pieces of colored tissue paper all over it and let dry. You could glue a ribbon to it to make an ornament. We made a nest for the eggs out of fallen willow tree branches and use it as a decoration.

Today we made paper mache eggs. You can either fill the egg with treats and seal it like a mini-pinata or you can cut a hole in it and make a diorama.

We have been getting our garden ready so we have been making little egg shell flower pots with empty egg shells.

To celebrate the first day of spring, we made tissue paper flowers to hang in the window.
I was going to make wax paper crayon suncatchers, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

When we dye eggs, we crack the shells before dyeing them to give the eggs pretty designs.

Currently, I am loving this site:
for crafty inspiration.
spiritofthings's Avatar spiritofthings 06:05 AM 04-09-2009
Love your ideas. Thank you Rach.
burke-a-bee's Avatar burke-a-bee 02:37 AM 04-10-2009
Thanks for the suggestions!
notjustmamie's Avatar notjustmamie 06:26 PM 04-10-2009
Here's a recipe/tutorial for baking mini cakes in blown out egg shells.
Rach's Avatar Rach 08:41 PM 04-10-2009
Those egg cakes are adorable!
notjustmamie's Avatar notjustmamie 11:09 PM 04-10-2009
Yeah, I bookmarked that page last year and I still haven't made them! They look so yummy, though.