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IlluminatedAttic's Avatar IlluminatedAttic 11:59 AM 06-11-2009
I'm wondering if anyone has used the new iDye (dye right in your washing machine) product on their diapers, either homemade or purchased, and what your experience has been with the colorfastness of the dye. I know of one mama who used the product with beautiful color results but since she is still waiting for the arrival of her newest little family member she can't really speak to the colorfastness once the diaper is in use. The reviews at Dharma Trading are mostly good, except for the few stating colorfastness issues.

I really want to try this to brighten up the stash for my new little one, but I'm nervous because I don't want to end-up with ruined clothes (or a babe with a blue bottom!) because the color bleeds due to the baby's pee. Does anyone have experience to share? Thanks!

Salihah's Avatar Salihah 03:52 AM 06-12-2009
: I'm lurking for replies! Good question! Does just Dharma have it or have you seen it in any stores?
IlluminatedAttic's Avatar IlluminatedAttic 11:05 AM 06-12-2009
Originally Posted by DahlalLotus View Post
: I'm lurking for replies! Good question! Does just Dharma have it or have you seen it in any stores?
I haven't seen it in a store, but I live in an area that isn't always the greatest for finding crafting supplies. I think you should be able to find it at a store that carries a good stock of other dyeing supplies, though.
Salihah's Avatar Salihah 01:01 PM 06-12-2009
I gotta go look today! I think Blick Art might carry it. If I find it I'll try it out and see.
herent's Avatar herent 04:59 AM 06-18-2009
I can't speak for the dye you have a question about, but I have used Dylon dye on my diapers and have had great results. I bought mine at wal mart in the craft section, it comes in a little bag pouch. You don't dye it in the wash though, you use a bowl, then rinse it out. I washed mine several times before I use them on baby just to make sure they wouldn't bleed. Mine have stayed nice and bright.