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granolagina's Avatar granolagina 01:32 PM 07-10-2009
I saw this in Mothering issue #153. In the article about crafty mamas, there was a picture. I don't have this issue (checked it out from the library) but if anyone knows who the mama was in the picture, please let me know. I would love to email her and ask about the directions for making this cute bag.

KariM's Avatar KariM 11:04 AM 07-11-2009
The article attributes the backpack to Eren San Pedro. They list a url for her

I haven't check out her blog yet, but she might list instructions there.
granolagina's Avatar granolagina 12:08 PM 07-13-2009
Thanks so much!
Ideesmom's Avatar Ideesmom 02:18 PM 07-13-2009
Thanks for the link. I looked all over the blog but couldn't find anything about the backpack. If anyone does please post. I have several aprons of my late grandmothers and think this would make a neat gift for my cousins.
granolagina's Avatar granolagina 01:52 PM 07-15-2009
It took me awhile but I found the apron backpack:

There are nice pics but no instructions unfortunately. I am the type of person who needs detailed instructions
Ideesmom's Avatar Ideesmom 04:23 PM 07-15-2009
I'm so glad you found it!! Thanks I really love it. But like you I wish there were more detailed instructions. I wonder if the Lotta book she mentions in the blog has a pattern. It's on my list of things to do now!!