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pbjmama's Avatar pbjmama 12:51 AM 10-05-2009
Maybe you noticed that vest are 'in' right now. I did too but none fit me right. I found a good easy pattern but now I'm at a loss as far as fabric. I've worked with denim, cotton, fleece, and felt for other projects. None of those seem to fit for this...and I'm not sure what does. Ideas?

gumboot_charlie's Avatar gumboot_charlie 11:29 PM 10-05-2009
What kind of look are you going for? And fitted or loose? (I'm a little hazy on what's in style) If I were making a vest, I'd use a wool herringbone or houndstooth. Easy to work with and you don't have to match the pattern.
pbjmama's Avatar pbjmama 12:10 AM 10-06-2009
along these lines - sorry the picture is so small!
Noelle C.'s Avatar Noelle C. 01:37 AM 10-06-2009
Velvet works, or you can also check the upholstry fabric section. Many of those work very very well for things like this, but the title "upholstry fabric" steers people away.
orangefoot's Avatar orangefoot 09:28 AM 10-06-2009
I have some wool herringbone that I am eyeing for a vest too. I have this pattern cut out and just need to get it sewn up!
gumboot_charlie's Avatar gumboot_charlie 04:02 PM 10-06-2009
You could use wool flannel and satin for the lapels to get that look, or a polyester suiting fabric for easier care.
pbjmama's Avatar pbjmama 12:55 AM 10-10-2009
I'm going to check out the upholstery section, thanks for that tip!