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simplemama32's Avatar simplemama32 06:38 PM 10-14-2009
I'm very much a beginner to crafting anything, so since this costume for my 18-month old is one of my first projects, I ordered this kit from Hearthsong...

I'm making the frog version, but when I glued on the belly (made of yellow felt), the craft glue shows through the fabric and is very (very!) obvious, even after drying for over 24 hours.

Any ideas for how to fix this? I have enough of the yellow felt left to cut out another belly, but was unsure the best way to attach it...?

Thanks in advance for any help! :-)

Noelle C.'s Avatar Noelle C. 01:13 AM 10-16-2009
Try spray adhesive. It won't soak through the felt like glue does.
eepster's Avatar eepster 12:03 AM 10-19-2009
You could try a hot glue gun, if the felt is particularly high quality and thick it won't show. An iron on adhesive (such as wonder under) will give even results.

Really the best way to do it though would just be to sew it. Just get matching thread and do a very basic running stitch.
luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 12:33 AM 10-19-2009
I 2nd the spray on adhesive. You should be able to find it in the sewing supply aisles, it comes in an aerosol can and costs roughly under $5. I use it all the time to help adhere felt for various projects until I can get it sewed.