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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 02:51 PM 12-21-2009
I'm a little behind schedule and am making my kids' ornaments. Nicholas is getting a robot and Daniel is getting a gnome and Katie Grace is getting a snow fairy. Michael has been really into Star Wars this year. Before I buy something, any ideas for a handmade Star Wars ornament? I tried googling, but my Google Fu is weak.

KristyDi's Avatar KristyDi 05:48 PM 12-21-2009
Something like this maybe?
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 06:47 PM 12-21-2009
I saw that one! I don't really want a representative of the Dark Side on our Christmas tree, LOL! I may just end up buying one at Target.
zech13_9_goforgold's Avatar zech13_9_goforgold 08:07 PM 12-21-2009
How about two crossed light sabers made with clay or found items?