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busymama77's Avatar busymama77 06:37 PM 12-31-2009
Ok, so I want to buy this: and this: for a nursery for baby-to-be in February. I'm not sure how they would look just being stuck on the wall, so I was thinking about painting something that looks like grass in front of them or buying white shelves and finding something that resembles grass to place on top of them? Any ideas, suggestions, advice on where I could go to get something like this? Do you think it would look good or not?


busymama77's Avatar busymama77 12:48 AM 01-02-2010
No one?
weeDECOR's Avatar weeDECOR 05:26 AM 01-07-2010
Hi busymama77,

The wall decals are cute! Here are some ideas on how to arrange them so they don't look random.

You could buy 3 or 4 of them and line them over the crib like this other etsy seller did:

Similarly, you could arrange them above your changing table:

Or, you could use a combination of stencils, wall paint, and wall decals to create a scene like this farm scene:

It looks like she does custom orders so maybe she can make the wall decals in the sizes you need if you like one of the arrangements above.

Good luck!

rere's Avatar rere 12:23 PM 01-10-2010
I think when it comes to walls you need to either go big or have them grounded.Like in some of the links.You could put a shelf on the wall and use the decals as sort of "book ends".Try looking around on flickr for examples to see what you like.

Also before you buy them you could cut out a shape the same size from paper and put it on the wall to see how it looks.