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54mama's Avatar 54mama 01:56 PM 01-13-2010

doubledutch's Avatar doubledutch 02:01 PM 01-13-2010
beautiful! i love your blog. (btw, my ds1 says his favorite color is 'rainbowy'!)
HeatherAtHome's Avatar HeatherAtHome 02:40 PM 01-13-2010
I love them!
Aeress's Avatar Aeress 07:48 PM 01-13-2010
Great job! The colors are beautiful!
pixiemammy's Avatar pixiemammy 09:15 PM 01-13-2010
Oooh they are fab, well done
MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 10:58 PM 01-13-2010
so sweet!!!
Sophiasmomma's Avatar Sophiasmomma 11:45 AM 01-14-2010
great job.. cute pic too
PJsmomma's Avatar PJsmomma 03:33 AM 01-21-2010
Dreamy's Avatar Dreamy 12:07 PM 01-21-2010
Super cute!
boricuaqueen327's Avatar boricuaqueen327 02:40 AM 01-23-2010
Those are gorgeous. What pattern did you use?
aiyasmama's Avatar aiyasmama 10:47 PM 01-24-2010
Oh wow, the hat generator you link to from your blog is exactly what I'm needing right now! Your hats turned out beautifully.
54mama's Avatar 54mama 03:40 PM 01-28-2010
Originally Posted by boricuaqueen327 View Post
Those are gorgeous. What pattern did you use?
This one:
Cherryblsm's Avatar Cherryblsm 01:36 AM 01-29-2010
OMG! Super cute! love it! Wish I could knit a hat but I can only crochet.
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 11:23 AM 01-29-2010
Those hats are great. And that picture of your girls kissing is so stinkin cute!!!