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Biscuits & Gravy 06:31 PM 01-20-2010
I need some new inspiration and resources for things that my almost 4yo DS and I can do together.

littlemizflava's Avatar littlemizflava 08:40 PM 01-20-2010
some ideas i come up with is from when i was in school.

some ideas are threw searchs. i will have something i want to work with or i will have a idea on making something.

homeschooling sites have lots of ideas.


we have a few magazines on crafts that were found at the checkout line.

i have a few craft books some are for children and some are for adults. i just look at them and figure out what ones they could do.





SeekingJoy's Avatar SeekingJoy 08:59 PM 01-20-2010
These are some of these I check out:

We also really like the enchangedlearning site from above. The library has some great homeschooling craft resources that we occasionally use, too.

However, DS really enjoys printables more than true arts and crafts, so I tend to lean toward those resources.

A V-Day craft in our playgroup future?
Biscuits & Gravy 09:18 PM 01-20-2010
Originally Posted by SeekingJoy View Post

A V-Day craft in our playgroup future?
Yes! We need to revisit the playsilk dying idea, too. I meant to tell you that today.
Mihelinka's Avatar Mihelinka 11:05 PM 01-20-2010
I am in the process of making paper mache puppets with my 5yo. The directions & patterns are in Living crafts magazine. It is in one of the 2009 issues, I can't remember off hand which it is. So far we made the heads, 4 in all. They are painted. We have to pick out fabric & i will let him hand sew it together with me. I will then glue it on & put on the hair (local alpaca/llama hair) as our puppet hair/beards/eyebrows. Very doable project, I know since i am the queen of uncraftiness LOL
rere's Avatar rere 06:42 PM 01-25-2010
Gailsbeeb's Avatar Gailsbeeb 04:14 AM 02-06-2010
Visit me here:
It is all about art with preschoolers

coryy's Avatar coryy 02:58 AM 02-14-2010
I love the crafty crow...they have lots of book-inspired art, too!

veganbaby's Avatar veganbaby 03:04 AM 02-20-2010
I look at the art work in story books and build from there. I do need to visit sites for more ideas.
orangefoot's Avatar orangefoot 05:00 PM 03-07-2010