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chekhovgirl's Avatar chekhovgirl 08:28 PM 02-04-2010
I'm looking to do a craft for my son's birthday that involves making robot t-shirts. I'm thinking about making the robot on the t-shirts ahead of time and then they can do the face and buttons, on front, etc. They could paint, but they're all about 2.5-3 years old and I'm thinking if I could find something that I could cut into shapes, they could assemble the shapes on the robot and they I could iron it, that that would work out pretty well.

Does that kind of thing exist pre-made? Kind of like iron on pant patches, but in larger quantities/more colors?


Rhiannon Feimorgan's Avatar Rhiannon Feimorgan 10:18 PM 02-04-2010
What i've done with projects like that is use double sided fusible interfacing. The interfacing comes with plastic film on one side and paper baking on the other. I peel off the plastic and fuse that side to pieces of fabric. Felt works well as it doesn't fray. Then I cut out shapes. I can draw the shapes on the paper first but remember it will be the reverse side that shows. Then I peel off the paper and iron it on just like the iron on patches.
sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 06:47 PM 02-05-2010
Wonder Under is a fusible interfacing that works "wonders"!

I have fused one side to random pieces of fabric (cut into shapes I wanted) with an iron, then fuse that to the main item (in your case, the t-shirts).

You could make pieces ahead of time (first step above completed) and let the kids arrange whichever pieces they like, then you could iron it on while another adult entertains the kids. Each child could go home with their very own handmade shirt.

You need the t-shirts (or you could use pillow cases or canvas bags or anything you want that can withstand high heat from the iron), Wonder Under, random pieces of fabric, iron, muslin (or scrap piece of fabric large than the finished "robot"), and samples for the kids to see.