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MissRubyandKen's Avatar MissRubyandKen 08:56 PM 02-07-2010
Anyone made a ribbon blanket/taggie? These look sooooo cute and fun to make. Can I see some pics for inspiration?

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 12:15 AM 02-08-2010

i used this great tutorial...makes a crinkly taggie

dd just loves it!
slsurface's Avatar slsurface 06:26 PM 02-08-2010
They are easy to make! I made two for DS. I don't have any pics though, sorry...
NoraC's Avatar NoraC 12:42 AM 02-25-2010
I am not all that great with my sewing machine but they were soooo easy to make! I used minkie fabric (one side was flat and the other side has little bubbles...awesome!) which made them super soft and also very washable. I made mine about 16 inches square or not big enough to cover a baby/child but still fairly big. Then I added about five folded ribbons per side. sorry - Dont' know how to add pictures! They were super easy and fun to make.