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widemouthedfrog's Avatar widemouthedfrog 12:51 AM 02-10-2010
I was totally thrilled to get my first sewing machine for Christmas this year. I have been sewing up a storm. However, I have now had my first problem - the stitches look fine on the top but they are all droopy at the bottom.

Any idea what may have gone wrong?


lalemma's Avatar lalemma 03:13 AM 02-10-2010
That's almost certainly a tension problem of some kind. But before you go fiddling with tension, I would rethread my machine. Many's the time I have tried to fix a tension problem only to finally notice that the threading had gone mildly wrong somewhere.
Porcelain Interior's Avatar Porcelain Interior 09:31 AM 02-10-2010
Just re-thread and clean out your throat plate and then fiddle with the tension. You SHOULD NOT need to touch the tension on the bobbin, but use the knob/button and adjust it a little bit and run some stitches, etc. You should be able to see quickly whether it's getting worse/better and then adjust it accordingly.

This is one of those annoying things that will always happen, best get snugged up to your machine and learn about tension. I swear sewing machines have hormones.
orangefoot's Avatar orangefoot 10:00 AM 02-10-2010
This happens because too much thread is going down with the needle through your fabric and linking with the bobbin thread. The bobbin thread is just fine but when top tension is loose the needle thread will make loops under the fabric.

Re-thread your needle as the pps suggest then look at your tension dial. If your tension dial says 2, change it to 3 and see how it looks when you sew. It should be better but if it isn't adjust it a teeny bit more. You shouldn't need to go as far as 4; if you do then it is more likely to be a threading problem still.
JessicaTX's Avatar JessicaTX 11:39 AM 02-10-2010
I had that problem when I wound my bobbin wrong. I suspect it might have been too loose. I got rid of one machine because screwing with the tension didn't fix it, bought a second machine and it worked wonderfully, until i tried to use one of my old threaded bobbins on it and had the same problem. Tried again following the instructions (yay for new machines coming with books) and it worked great!