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ramama's Avatar ramama 01:03 PM 03-11-2010
I mean, DD2 is 4 now and we're not using it anyway (when we do BW, I reach for a mei tai now). And seriously, 15 yards of delicious Guatemalan fabric! I could probably resell it for $40-50, but that's less than $4 a yard!

I guess it just feels sacrilegious! I just need someone to tell me it's okay LOL!

So, what have others made out of their wraps? I think a long tiered skirt would look amazing, and be so light and breezy for spring if it ever comes!

Ugh, but it still seems soooooooo wrong...

orangefoot's Avatar orangefoot 11:24 AM 03-13-2010
I can imagine that you could make all sorts of things from that much fabric but I too would have trouble cutting into it!

Sorry, I'm no help
ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 11:19 PM 03-13-2010
Do it! I am constantly repurposing fabric. Although I haven't cut into that beautiful batik ring sling that I wouldn't pass on to someone else anyway because it has a repaired tear in it. So easier said than done, I guess!
quester's Avatar quester 04:42 AM 03-14-2010
It does make more sense than selling it. I would have trouble too though; I'm saving my Storchenwiege for my children to carry my grandchildren in (way down the road but...).

The batik with a tear though- I'd totally cut.
Ellp's Avatar Ellp 01:28 PM 03-15-2010
I'm sorry, I'm no help...I couldn't do it...:

But if you do, I'd imagine that it would frey pretty badly if you didn't finish the edges very well.
PNCTink's Avatar PNCTink 11:51 PM 03-16-2010
I say do it!! I hemmed one of my didymos wraps (from 5.2 to 3.6m)and made a purse out of some of the extra fabric and saved the rest to do something special for my DD, when she's old enough to appreciate it.
Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 10:53 AM 03-29-2010
DO IT! it's meant to be used and loved, no matter how it's done.