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alison77's Avatar alison77 02:47 PM 03-28-2010
hi -
we recently went to nicaragua where we bought a beautiful wooden tray, dark wood which looks like it may have had an initial treatment of some sort, but still a matte feel to it (sorry - i have none of the appropriate vocabulary for this!). On top there is a design painted and I am not sure what type of paint it is. I would like to use the tray but am afraid of the design being scratched off and would like to put a top coat of some sort on but am not sure if there are certain things i need to be considering so as not to ruin the tray and design. any help appreciated.

JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 06:39 PM 04-01-2010
I'd say show it to someone who knows how to tell what's already on it, whether it is oil/wax based or another sealant. If it turns out to be oil/wax on it, pure tung oil (take care not to get a tung oil based blend with warnings all over it) or myland's wax may be good options.
alison77's Avatar alison77 10:40 PM 04-02-2010