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TulsiLeaf's Avatar TulsiLeaf 01:57 AM 04-05-2010
Where would be some good sewing patterns for a sun bonnet? Think Laura Ingalls type of bonnet.

My daughter, who is 4.5 wants one. I am not the greatest seamstress, but I can follow a simple pattern.


hildare's Avatar hildare 03:57 PM 04-06-2010
dunno if you'd have to adjust this for a smallish head, but here's one tutorial i've seen..

here's another with a bigger "spout"/ more shade http://pickupsomecreativity.blogspot...-tutorial.html
Therese's Mommy's Avatar Therese's Mommy 12:04 AM 04-07-2010
I have this one from Sew Baby. I made it for my 5yo for her bday and she adores it. She wears it all the time and looks so beautiful in it I plan to make one for my almost 3yo and my baby. I don't think it is hard, and if I am remembering correctly the directions were understandable.
Therese's Mommy's Avatar Therese's Mommy 09:12 AM 04-08-2010
The Sew Baby one is on sale right now.
andisunshine's Avatar andisunshine 04:44 PM 04-09-2010
I really like the look of this one from Amy at Angry Chicken. It's also a PDF, so no waiting for the postman to deliver it!

eta: I guess you have to click on "shop" and then "Sunbonnet pattern."
TulsiLeaf's Avatar TulsiLeaf 01:03 PM 04-19-2010
Thank you so much for all your suggestions!