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iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 07:25 PM 04-24-2010
where has everyone been for the last month or so? Either gardening or Ravelry?

Let's get a little motivation and a few new ideas going by listing our current wips and our future projects!

I'll go first.

I am knitting a swallowtail shawl out of knitpicks sunset. (I intend to wear it to my cousins wedding in June) It is much too complicated for my pg brain right now- so I am taking a break and knitting little baby stuff. Nothing like malabrigo to make me feel better after all day m/s.

I also need to keep chugging away at my mock cable socks and get remotivated on cathedral socks. Patterns and me right now.... eh. not so much.

Anyone want to list thier fav baby pattern? Bonus points if it motivates me to attempt colorwork?

earthmama369's Avatar earthmama369 07:31 PM 04-24-2010
I just got back from the CT Sheep & Wool Festival and stocked up on all sorts of lovely wools -- alpaca, silk/merino blends, wool from different kinds of sheep, etc. It was sooooo much fun.

With some of the fancier wools, I'm going to be making small purses and jewelry using needle felting. With the dyed roving, I'm going to be making needle felted play food and appliques on bags.
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 08:02 PM 04-24-2010
Catubodua's Avatar Catubodua 10:50 PM 04-24-2010
i was crocheting a blanket with some yarn my MIL bought me. unfortunately, she got the skeins at a $1 store somewhere and it turns out that no one else has it - even the manufacturer no longer lists it on their website.

so, it's only about 16 inches wide and i have to try to find a different yarn that sort of matches. i've checked Michael's with no luck, so i'm going to try JoAnn Fabrics next.

any other ideas?
Juvysen's Avatar Juvysen 12:14 AM 04-25-2010
knitting shorties and soakers for my new babe...
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 02:53 PM 04-25-2010
I crocheted a soaker for a friend's baby shower that was yesterday. It was a quickie - managed to do it in 2 evenings.

I still have the longies OTN that I've been working on since before he was born (2 pairs, and he's 7 mo).

And I'm working on the squares for the farm mat co-op. I'm seriously behind on that.
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 08:10 PM 04-25-2010
I'm knitting a rag rug for my bathroom, everything else is waiting for more yarn money. I want to make shorties and washcloths.
Shianne's Avatar Shianne 11:28 PM 04-25-2010
I am knitting a pair of socks for my 12 year old son. Who knew size 13 feet could take up so much yarn? Its made from hand carded, hand spun llama fiber. Its so soft and warm. And now its spring and he's not going to want to wear them. LOL.
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 09:46 AM 04-26-2010
Jrabbit- She IS so cute! And great FO's! Thanks for sharing.

I am finishing up a baby blanket with some leftover yarn I had. It's not very big, but I am doing a shell stitch (crochet) border which is new for me. I have several projects on my hooks and I started having too many UO's and getting very unmotivated. So I decided to finish the blanket. Then finish the rag rug for my hallway. I have a basketweave blanket I'm working on ,but gosh darn it I'm bored with blankets and it's already too hot in Mississippi for those. So I'm onto a summer top next. It will be my first article of clothing I have made. I have a big summer list actually:
summer top or two
summer purse
beach bag

Okay it's not that long, but I'm still really just getting good at crochet, so things still take me awhile. But none of those patterns are difficult, so I hope I get some of them done.
Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 11:29 AM 04-26-2010
I'm working on some shorties using the pimp my longies pattern. I've added several stitches to the crotch gusset as my little guy seems to need a little more room there. I knitted a few pair in a smaller size that seemed to stretch so far in the gusset that I could feel the damp from his wet dipe underneath. I guess his dipes are just thick enough to need a little more room because the longies fit everywhere else.

I'll be knitting some socks for Christmas gifts during the summer this year and hope to start some cooler weather longies for the fall/winter that have a felted piece of wool sewn to the inside. Anyone ever do this before? Did they take forever to dry??
Dreamy's Avatar Dreamy 01:39 PM 04-26-2010
Now that the warm weather is here, I've been bitten by the summer hat bug. I've been using a fantastically soft yarn by Elann - Bamboo Fusion, and I'm desperately seeking an excuse to buy more. It's easy-care, great for gifts.

I finished crocheting this hat for a newborn girl - I LOVE how the flower turned out:


Now I'm working on a newsboy-style hat for another wee babe, I'll be adding the same flower to it:


I also made this little monkey to honour a stillborn boy's first birthday:


Apart from that, I'm using up some ancient Bernat yarn to crochet a garbage bag for my car.
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 02:37 PM 04-26-2010
Oooo...I like the garbage bag for your car idea!
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 03:01 PM 04-26-2010
how are you making the garbage bag? I like the idea ...
Dreamy's Avatar Dreamy 01:26 PM 04-27-2010
Originally Posted by jrabbit View Post
how are you making the garbage bag? I like the idea ...
I'm just working a simple hdc tote a little wider than the seat headrest, and when I get to the top I'll work back and forth for a couple of inches on just one side, leaving two ch-1 spaces for the removable headrest legs to go through. I added some shell stitch at the bottom to make it more interesting, and it's cotton for easy washing.

Basic construction like this, though narrower and without a handle: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Drea...one-coral-tote
lobster's Avatar lobster 11:22 PM 04-29-2010
I'm going to jump in here (I've never posted in this forum before)

I'm 10 days postpartum and so have had lots and lots of knitting/crocheting time on my hands while I nurse & babymoon I wish I could be this productive in the month or two leading up to Christmas!!

Here are some recent things I have finished:

A top for my daughter (the original pattern is for a dress)

A dress my daughter wore for her 2nd birthday

Sun hat (again for DD)

Bolero-style hat for DS1, that turned out smaller than I anticipated but still fits

Newborn hat that I worked on to keep myself sane after going post-dates

I've also finished four or five more projects since the baby's birth, but haven't taken/uploaded any photos yet. Soon, though!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 11:24 PM 04-29-2010
Lobster-Congrats and happy baby mooning!
I love your FO's. can't even pick a fav. Although I really like the blue hat with the top flower part. Great job on all of them
Dreamy's Avatar Dreamy 01:22 PM 04-30-2010
Ooo, I have the "Blooming Sunhat" in my favourites, I love how it turned out!

I started working on this bag yesterday, I'm almost halfway done one side: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...t-bottom-bag-2
lobster's Avatar lobster 11:06 PM 05-01-2010
Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post
Lobster-Congrats and happy baby mooning!
I love your FO's. can't even pick a fav. Although I really like the blue hat with the top flower part. Great job on all of them
Thank you I have to get pics up of the latest projects.
lobster's Avatar lobster 11:07 PM 05-01-2010
Originally Posted by Dreamy View Post
I started working on this bag yesterday, I'm almost halfway done one side: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...t-bottom-bag-2
Now THAT is an AWESOME bag! I love it! I will have to add that to my ever-growing queue!
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 08:24 PM 05-02-2010
I usually post on the 52 project challenge but I thought I could jump in on here too??

I just finished a wonderful (IMO) purple and lavender crochet blanket. My standard pattern is one giant granny square. This project has been on-going since the fall. AND ITS FINALLY DONE lol.
Do you all have one project that you tote around with you while you 'wait' for kids classes, dr's appt etc? THIS was that one project and its DONE. I'm sending it off to my cousin this week. She is a therapist and I love her to pieces. This blanket just says 'spring'

I also whipped out 3 cotton dish cloths while I was on an emergency trip back east (funeral) and left them with my mother. I used up some yarn and managed to keep my mind focused.

I have a never ending x-stitch project LOL

My next crochet project is a blanket that uses up all my left over yarn, same gianet granny square pattern. I have 8-10 loose skiens of misc. yarn, basically the same type. This should be lovely, ROYGBIV will be the scheme as much as I can get it.

Of course I have more cotton yarn for dishcloths when I need a quick project to feel a sense of accomplishment as well.

I have a never finished ripple blanket for DS that I need to finish. I feel so bad, its been in a bad for 2 years. I WILL GET THAT DONE. I dont like the ripple stitch, no let me rephrase that, my hook is too small and single stitch ripple is too difficult for me. LOL.

Keep me motivated mommies and check out the 52 project challenge!
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 12:14 AM 05-03-2010
I'm shopping 100purewool again ... *that* is an addiction for me! There's one more co-op for it, ending tomorrow ... so I'm hunting for one more colorway so I can knit a scarf for my mom. It's my own design: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...triangle-scarf

And, I'm buying some undyed so I can play around with koolaid dying with my kids
Stargirl's Avatar Stargirl 12:38 AM 05-03-2010

Just need to add the strap to these easy mary-jane slippers.
fancyoats's Avatar fancyoats 10:30 AM 05-03-2010
yesterday i finished a teacozy for my friend that i had been working on for-ev-er. but woohoo!!! it's finally done!!

now i can work on some socks i had put on hold for the teacozy. i am almost done with the gusset of the first sock.

i also want to make some stuff for the new babe, though. probably some hats/socks/mittens/legwarmers, since i still have the longies from my dd and they were mostly GN. and i am feeling a little lazy.
ms.shell's Avatar ms.shell 12:41 PM 05-03-2010
oooh,i bookmarked the boys crochet "bolero style" hat to make for my boys. thanks for that link
i JUST figured out crochet, and also loom knitting (i'm gonna learn to use the needles to knit hopefully later this year).

I crocheted space dyed ribbon into a key fob and am making a bigger, better one for my sis, that's on the hook now, in the tv room; dp is working late so that might sit in there a few days.

on the loom I am knitting a rectangle from 3 yarns at once; there is a dark avocado green, a space dyed light greens, and an awesome space dyed with blues and greens. I am about a third done on it....then i will do a long strap (i hope there will be enough yarn for the strap)....then figure out how to sew it together...and that will be my knit knitting bag. I want to finish the bag part today and get started on the strap. Then i will start a bathroom rug on that loom. thinking about doing something for m-i-l for sunday, maybe a hot pad thing for her table or dish scrubber or both.

i will also probably start on the smaller loom another dish scrubber (for my house) with some variegated (purples and greens) sugar and cream and (green)plastic yarn later today, especially if i finish my bag.
also just got the idea to use the rest of this cool ribbon yarn and do a dog collar in crochet.

fun thread i'm so glad to have figured out yarn ya'lls photos are so inspiring especially, was it lobstermom with the new baby....i LOVE that yellow shirt and the birthday dress.
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 12:34 AM 05-04-2010
my newest craft endeavor!

not the greatest of photos ...
caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 01:44 PM 05-04-2010
I have been slacking lately BUT I am furiously working on a pair of socks for my FIL for Father's day...they were suppose to be for xmas BUT money is tight and I had the yarn so they will be for Father's Day. He seemed quite pleased when he stopped by and saw me working on them...then "hinted" at how nice it would be to "get a pair for fathers day,birthday and xmas every year until I die" Nice...really nice lol
Casha'sMommy's Avatar Casha'sMommy 03:42 PM 05-04-2010
Originally Posted by jrabbit View Post
my newest craft endeavor!

not the greatest of photos ...
This looks like fun and one could use shirts from GW or the like and just dye them.
Are you using a pattern or specific directions? I've never made a rag rug before but love the idea and have a wonderful place for one.
listipton's Avatar listipton 06:32 PM 05-04-2010
You ladies are so inspiring! I just learned to knit this past winter and I LOVE it! I'm currently working on the SNB bikini for my sister for her birthday in Kelley Green.

littlemizflava's Avatar littlemizflava 07:52 PM 05-04-2010
Originally Posted by jrabbit View Post
my newest craft endeavor!

not the greatest of photos ...
in pic 59 the lavender and blue skirt can i get a pattern please?my daughter would love it
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 08:02 PM 05-04-2010
Originally Posted by Casha'sMommy View Post
This looks like fun and one could use shirts from GW or the like and just dye them.
Are you using a pattern or specific directions? I've never made a rag rug before but love the idea and have a wonderful place for one.
We bought a rainbow of ginormous men's tshirts at the thrift store - I have one that is an outlet, and i can buy stuff there for 50 cents on Tuesdays. (This week, we went on Monday and spent 75 cents apiece ...)

I looked for shirts that had the smallest amount of designs on them for this project, but as I got going, I have discovered that the strips roll outward, so I think I can even use the parts of the shirt with designs on them.

This week, I purchased materials for a green/blue rug, a purple/pink rug, and a turquoise/red rug - tshirts mostly solids, but also a few patterned pieces for texture. I also bought men's polo shirts in pastels for another one - to experiment with the texture of those shirts ... and men's cotton button-front shirts in an array of green/white stripes for another experiment in texture.

I just cut the strips with scissors approximately 1/2" wide. I used a method of connecting them that doesn't make knots or require sewing
( http://www.cocoknits.com/info/tutorials/ragknit.html )

I didn't follow any pattern - just made a large circle with a large hook (about an L, if I had to guess). I bought some more hooks in M/N for the kids to use to make their own - they want to crochet on mine, but I wanna do it, too!

Next I want to make a shopping basket/bag with this method - I can see it being really really functional!
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