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luckygreen713's Avatar luckygreen713 07:33 PM 04-25-2010
Can anyone recommend a tie dye kit for young children (with help from parents, of course)? I think for my daughter's 4th birthday party we are going to make tie dye tshirts as the main activity. I'm looking for a kit or a method that would be best suited for 6 children between the ages of 2 and 7. I know there will be great potential for mess, but we will be outside, the kids will have gloves and aprons, and there will be lots of adults to help.

Also, what should I do in advance? I guess depending on the kit/type of dye I use, I want to have the shirts prepped before hand, like already tied and ready to start dying. I have never done this before, so I'll do a test run before the actual party to make sure my method works. TIA!

ma2maya's Avatar ma2maya 11:58 PM 04-25-2010
I've done tie-dye with little ones and big ones. It's fun!
I suggest a kit from Dharma Trading.

As for what do do in advance, I suggest mixing the dye and pre-soaking in the soda ash solution the shirts the night before. I know you were thinking of tieing the shirts the night before but it doesn't take much for the kids to do it themselves and they really love it. I usually let them tie them how the want, scrunched up or try to "guide" them with their ties.
MangoMommy's Avatar MangoMommy 05:17 AM 04-29-2010
You could put the dye in swirt bottles to make it easier for them to dye it, less mess maybe too.