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granthammom's Avatar granthammom 12:05 PM 05-11-2010

I need some input from all of you crafty mdc mammas. In my basement sits an unused king sized down comforter (it was on our bed, but it is simply too heavy, even in the new england winter). My two children could each really use a new comforter. So, my plan is to sew a couple of lines right down the middle of this big one and then cut it apart in between the lines to minimize the amount of down flying around (I would do the cutting outside). It seems so simple that I must be missing something....what do you think?

I do realize that it might need to be shortened, and am prepared to do that as well.

Thanks for reading this.

cristeen's Avatar cristeen 12:59 PM 05-11-2010
It shouldn't need shortening.

It won't be all nice and pretty, but if you manage to redistribute the down fairly evenly before you stitch/cut, it should work fine. Once you've cut it, I'd hem the cut edge down again though. And I'd definitely put it in a duvet cover.
SophieAnn's Avatar SophieAnn 01:34 PM 05-11-2010
Yeah, that would work really well!

I would buy or sew two duvet covers which will cover up the cut edge, but that's about it.

Great idea to sew the two lines and cut between them. Just make sure to pin it securely, measure, mark and measure again before sewing.
granthammom's Avatar granthammom 04:29 PM 05-11-2010
I think that you have given me the confidence I need to give it a try. My plan is to make duvet covers for the twin sized comforters. Since I'm thisclose to purchasing a serger, it would make finishing the cut sides that much easier! It's going to take me a week or two to find the time to give it a try. This is exciting! Thank you for your input and I'd love to hear more.