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bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 02:31 AM 06-03-2010
So, I have a diva cup, but it sometimes leaks, especially on my heavy days and at night. I'd like to make some cloth pads, or at least some liners for "just in case" or if I don't feel like hasseling with the cup.

The only thing that's holding me back is I don't have a snap press. Will it stay in place if I don't have snaps? Or is there another way I could keep it in place?

ETA. Also. I have some leftover PUL from diapers. Could I use this for mama cloth, or won't it breathe well enough? I'm guessing it would have a harder time staying in place if I used PUL as well...

kaleidoscopeeyes's Avatar kaleidoscopeeyes 02:39 AM 06-03-2010
You could make something like these: New Moon Pads

They don't have any wings. They stay in place just fine, but they bunch a bit on me. They'd be fine as back-up though. They feel a lot less bulky than any pads with wings that I've tried too.
ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 02:41 AM 06-03-2010
Hmm, I haven't sewn my own cloth, but I do use cloth pads. I would think that without snaps they wouldn't stay in place too well. Can you use aplix instead? You could even back the pads in one side of the aplix and have a few pairs of dedicated underwear that you sew the other side to . . .

Just a thought!
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 02:54 AM 06-03-2010
Wow thanks for the quick responses.

Kal. The New Moon pads look cute. (And what clever names! lol) I'm glad to hear they've stayed in place. Maybe it depends what the back fabric is.

Led. I thought of aplix but just, the same as snaps but with aplix instead. I didn't think to sew some to my underwear... I do have a lot of underwear. lol..
And if I did sew it to my underwear then once the underwear wore out it would be easy to sew a new batch.

Hm.. That's actually not too bad an idea! I'd still only need like 6 underwear with aplix, and the pad could stick right to it!

Thanks for the brainstorming! I think I'll make 1 or 2 without, if it doesn't stay put I'll do the velcro.
PancakesMancakes's Avatar PancakesMancakes 03:20 AM 06-03-2010
I use velcro too I sewed the scratchy side on the crotch of my underwear and the soft velcro side on the pad. It works great! I'd recommend doing it this way cause if you're anything like me, you totally run out of pads. Then I just grab one of dp's socks and stick it to the velcro until I can do laundry's Avatar 11:23 AM 06-03-2010
you can also use sew in snaps or do a tiny button and buttonhole or use velcro on wings.
the straight (wingless) ones do stay in place pretty well (except for long overnight ones or if they are pul backed), but it is easy for them to fall out at the toilet, so sometimes i use a tiny safety pin to hold them in place.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 12:58 PM 06-03-2010
Oh a button!! How in the heck didn't I think of that?! LOL. Thanks Ms shell.

Pancakes that's a great idea! LOL at DP's socks! I wonder what my hubby would think of that! I just won't tell him. lol.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 04:56 PM 06-03-2010
I had another idea. What about a detatchable (possibly waterproof) layer with wings, that buttons underneath. With a velcro or buttons (again lol) to attach a rectangular-ish shaped pad.

That way you don't have to sew velcro to your actual underwear.
lightforest's Avatar lightforest 05:14 PM 06-03-2010
I've had good success using snap tape as the closure for homemade cloth pads. My pads would bunch up too much if I didn't use some sort of closure!
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 05:17 PM 06-03-2010
Good idea! I don't have any of that on hand but I have some old onesies with snaps! lol.
luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 05:23 PM 06-03-2010
I wanted to share this link with you (and others) its a great site with lots of info and patterns for different cloth pads.

I ended up buying a pack of sew on type snaps (they are in the notion section with things like buttons,velcro,needles) I was able to sew them on the *wings* and they work just as well as the snaps the only difference is that you sew them on.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 05:24 PM 06-03-2010
You forgot the link. lol.
luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 05:25 PM 06-03-2010
Originally Posted by bcblondie View Post
You forgot the link. lol.
sorry, mommy brain.

bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 05:26 PM 06-03-2010
Been there. lol.
KristyDi's Avatar KristyDi 05:52 PM 06-03-2010
I made some winged pads that I meant to put snaps on as soon as I got a snap press. That was several months ago. I've been using them with a small safety pin. I pin the wings together on the underside where they would snap or velcro. It works fine.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 12:45 AM 06-04-2010
In the past, I used just plain flannel pads with success. No PUL, no wings, just several layers of flannel sewn together into a rectangle.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 12:46 AM 06-04-2010
Do you girls think it would be wise to put extra layers just in the middle, to reduce bulk around the edges?
Indigo73's Avatar Indigo73 04:05 PM 06-04-2010
I am fond of wingless pads as my cup back up.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 04:49 PM 06-04-2010
I made my first one! You like?
I'm trying it for the first time and it's a tiny bit bulker than sposie pads, I think, but at least they don't scratch/stick to your butt! And they're not stiff like sposies are at first. I like it.
bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 10:40 PM 06-04-2010
I just read you can make cloth tampons!!!
earthhugmama's Avatar earthhugmama 11:41 PM 06-26-2010
Originally Posted by luv-my-boys View Post
I wanted to share this link with you (and others) its a great site with lots of info and patterns for different cloth pads.

great site with such helpful information! thank you!!
jillmamma's Avatar jillmamma 03:17 PM 07-05-2010
I made myself some circle pads, and I just use a big safety pin to hold the "wings" together over my underwear.
milkmamamerina's Avatar milkmamamerina 03:14 PM 07-19-2010
I made my first last night. I had bought little plastic sew on snaps from Joannes, but when I went to put them on, my wings were mistakenly shorter than I planned (I'm new to sewing in general) so I improvised and cut the hook and eye of an old bra and sewed it on to the wings.
It does run the risk of popping open (like when you squeeze the bra back together), but I tried it on for a while and it stayed in place just fine.

For my next one (since I already cut the fabric with the first) I think I'm going to use narrow grossgrain ribbon to tie the wings. It's probably not as convenient as a snap, but I think it should work.

Also on the PUL question, it is supposed to be really good, but if you don't have an abundance you can also hunt around the house for other waterproof things to repurpose. I used the outer shell of my son's old tattered jacket and it worked really well. I actually made mine mostly from repurposed materials.
I posted a picture here: