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pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 05:42 PM 03-11-2004
Is anyone still knitting Longies? I am working on a pr w/ Theresa's hand painted yarn... almost done w/ one leg and they are looking beautiful! I think a tshirt and longies will be great jammies for summer.

Has anyone tried the Fern and Fairie pattern yet? That one looks intriguing.

Lisadeanne's Avatar Lisadeanne 08:55 PM 03-11-2004
I bought that pattern I am on my 2nd soaker. I am going to make some longies after I am done. It is very easy to follow!
Mommy2Brittani's Avatar Mommy2Brittani 02:31 PM 03-12-2004
I bought the pattern and I am working on the footie soaker pants. I have most of the waistband done so far (what can I say, I only get to knit at church or in class, and I am slow) I will update you as I get farther along on it though. I love the pattern...it really is versatile and easy...I just wish I hadn't wrote the measurements in pen...now I have to make a whole nother copy next time...
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 09:44 PM 03-12-2004
Do you think the Fern and Fairie pattern could be done for a big kid? My poor 4 yo sees me making soakers and longies for his little brother and wants something too. I was thinking about making him some longies/ pants (not for a diaper cover, but jammie bottoms or regular pants), but the LTK pattern is not big enough for him. What do you think? He's about 40# I think.
Mommy2Brittani's Avatar Mommy2Brittani 10:32 PM 03-12-2004
YES! It is an any size yarn, any guage, any size project pattern. She includes the conversion formula at the beginning of the pattern, so you get your guage down, then measure your 4 year old and plug that into the formula, and it will give you the number of stitches you need to cast on and such...
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 06:09 AM 03-13-2004
Thanks Cheryl I just ordered it! I hope it comes soon!!!
Shanghaimum's Avatar Shanghaimum 01:25 PM 03-13-2004
I am working on the LTK longies pattern. I am a beginner so I am fining it challenging. I think I will order the Fern pattern as well. I would like to make a few soakers after I finish these longies!
Mommy2Brittani's Avatar Mommy2Brittani 02:19 AM 03-14-2004
Your welcome. Stella is AWESOME to work with. And the pattern is a great one too. I learned to knit just so I could do these pants.
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 07:42 PM 03-16-2004
I finished the pr I was working on. Here they are!!!


I did them a little different than the pattern. I cast on less sts for the ribbing and then increased for the body (I read how to do this on Karen's site). I also did seed stitch for the cuffs instead of ribbing (again, Karen's idea, lol). I really love these!!! I like the I cord instead of the twisted cord too. The yarn is LTK dyed in "True Blue." I think it is so pretty!!!
pamelamama's Avatar pamelamama 02:12 AM 03-17-2004
Julie, AWESOME! Great colors too! That's Theresa's pattern? LTK?

xo pam
rubidoux's Avatar rubidoux 03:08 AM 03-17-2004

Those are sooo pretty! When I looked I thought, oh, what beautiful yarn -- and it turns out that I'm waiting on an order of true blue. I think it's only gonna be a soaker though. Those are great!!!

Shanghaimum's Avatar Shanghaimum 12:28 PM 03-17-2004
Julie they are absolutely gorgeous - wow! I am amazed.

Who is Karen? I would love to do the bottoms of my longies in the same way? Also does the Fern pattern use short rows (like the LTK pattern)?

Thanks so much
Lisadeanne's Avatar Lisadeanne 01:48 PM 03-17-2004
Oooh those are pretty!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 03:52 PM 03-17-2004
Julie!!! Those are awesome!!! Will you make me some? lol! How long have you been knitting?

I was working on the pattern and having a hard time and then I realized I was using the wrong size needles! Duh. I placed an order for some new needles and yarn over a month ago and just yesterday I got an email saying the yarn was out of stock and that she had not yet shipped my order, grrr. It was a random yarn site, not LTK.

I can't wait to get back to it.
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 04:24 PM 03-17-2004
Thanks everyone!

The pattern is Theresa's (from Little Turtle Knits).

J, I wish I had enough left over to do a soaker too! I did a pr of Felted Mocs w/ some of it and I don't think there's enough left to do a soaker now. Wah! I may try it anyway and use a different color for the waist band and see how far I can get.

Karen is engineer_mama here at MDC and she's the mama who makes Kool Sheep Soakers. She also has a website w/ tons of excellent cloth diapering info and there is a page there w/ soaker info: Karen's Cloth Diapering Page.

I am still waiting on my F&F pattern, so I don't know about the short rows. I am anxious to get it though b/c it is so versatile!

Sheena, sorry your stuff hasn't come in yet. What size needles were you using?
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 08:40 PM 03-18-2004
K, I got my needles and some gorgeous Galway yarn in heathered lime green! I am raring to go as soon as dh gets home...
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 02:29 AM 03-19-2004
Just started, already discouraged. I can't understand how to join. Grrr...
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 03:37 AM 03-19-2004
Originally posted by Sheena
Just started, already discouraged. I can't understand how to join. Grrr...
Amy, what exactly is giving you problems? Here are some really good pictures that may help: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall03/FEATtheresa.html

Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 11:03 AM 03-19-2004
Thank you!!! I had the yarn from the skien on the left and I kept thinking I was doing it right and then I would realize I was just knitting a straight line. It doesn't help that Stella is in mommy-love right now and I only get to work in 15 minute increments.

One other thing is that it seems like my needles are almost too long. Like it is a struggle to get both casted on ends out far enough to the tips to work with them. Am I doing something wrong? I tend to be a real tight knitter, should I loosen up?

I can tell you tho, I can cast on 84 in my sleep at this point, lol.
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 09:44 PM 03-19-2004
Julie, those are gorgeous! I like how you did the ribbing, too.

I haven't done another pair since my ds refused to wear his Christmas Longies. Oh, well. Anyone need size L Christmas Longies for next year?

Tell me more about this Fern and Faerie pattern!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 12:09 PM 03-20-2004
OMG! I got it, I finally got it. I was purling wrong because I was bringing the yarn around from the back, not starting with it in the front.

I got my "knit 2 purl 2" mantra going on and I did 3 rows last night very easily. Yippee!

My main concern is that I don't know how to pick up dropped stitches or pull out rows so I am all paranoid about making mistakes.

What do you do if you get confused and can't remember if you just knitted or purled?
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 02:13 PM 03-20-2004
Thanks Monica The F&F pattern can be found here. It's for a soaker and pants and you can customize it for any size, yarn or needles. I am really looking forward to trying it! I wonder how long it will take to knit pants to fit a 4 yo though... probably a month! lol

Amy, you can look at the sts and tell if it's a knit stitch or a purl stitch. A purl st will look like a little bump and a knit st will look like a "v." Take a good look next time you are working on it and you should be able to tell. It took me a while to figure that out but once you do, it's much easier and you don't have to worry about keeping a mental count of how many knits and how many purls you are doing.

Do you have a knitting book? I prefer to "unknit" mistakes rather than take out the needles and rip it out. You just insert the needle into the st below and then pull out the yarn. That is probably not the best description... if you have a book it should tell you how or you could probably do a search for "fixing knitting mistakes" and it will tell you more. I just tried a Google search, but my kids are whining in the other room, lol.

Anyway, I'm glad you're getting it! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 02:55 PM 03-20-2004
Thanks Julie! I do have a knitting book but for some reason it never occured to me to look for info on fixing mistakes.

Does anyone know if Knitting for Dummies is helpful?

I read ahead in the pattern and it looks like it's going to get complicated... I'm kind of scared!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 04:08 PM 03-21-2004
Bwah. I screwed up the ribbing at the top. I kept going, I couldn't stand to pull it all out... it should be OK because there will be a drawstring, right?

Does anyone have pics of their completed longies from the LTK pattern?
pb_and_j's Avatar pb_and_j 04:20 PM 03-21-2004
Amy, where did you mess up? It will probably be ok, but the ribbing may be "off." One thing I have learned is that I would rather rip and fix a mistake than work for hours and hours on something only to be unhappy in the end b/c there are mistakes that I should have fixed. I'm not telling you that you have to rip it all out, but I don't want you to be disappointed later either, kwim?

The pic I posted is from Theresa's pattern. If you look back for the other Longies Knitting Club pattern, there are pics on there too.

Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 04:46 PM 03-21-2004
i messed up the ribbing above the drawstring holes. it looks fine because it picks up normally after the holes. it just looks like a weird pattern. grr... i am going to leave it because i think only i will know it was a mistake, lol.
huskrkid's Avatar huskrkid 02:34 PM 03-22-2004
I just finished another pair of LTK longies last night! LOL One thing I am a little disappointed in is that I used some hand-painted yarn that had some huge variations in the skeins, so one leg looks really different from the other. It was all dyed at the same time, but I guess that 's what you get. It looks fine, but I see it. I'll see if I can load up a picture later. They are still drying from their lanolizing.

I want to try the F&F pattern too.

Anyone ventured into shorts from the longies pattern yet? I may try that in a few weeks.

Julie, yours turned out Beauuuuuuuutiful!!

Sheena, drive on, girl! You can do it!!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 02:42 PM 03-22-2004
I couldn't find pics from past clubs... I'll try again.

Here is a pic of my progress so far:


They look wonky but it's just the angle.

I also have a flaw that I thought was a dropped stitch but when I counted I still have 84... here is a blurry pic:


I don't know what it is and now that I am about to start the short rows I don't know how to fix it. :
huskrkid's Avatar huskrkid 02:45 PM 03-22-2004
I wouldn't worry much about the flaw. You will be the only person who sees it! You can always weave a little piece of thread through it if it's buggin you. Much easier than tearing out all that progress. Believe me! I tore apart a whole soaker & started from scratch once & it was done!

That's beatuiful yarn & you are doing great!
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 02:46 PM 03-22-2004

OK, I really want to ignore the flaw, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to become a huge hole someday, lol.

Then wish me luck, I am going to go start the short rows now. I have no idea how to wrap, lol.
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