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newmum35's Avatar newmum35 11:59 PM 07-13-2010
My son will be starting an all day preschool/day care on Monday and sleeping without me (nap) for the first time! Although I think he will do great in school I'm a little concerned about nap time. He might have a hard time falling asleep and I need some help.

We've co-slept all this time (he will be 3 in a few months) and he is used to falling asleep by nursing first until drousy and then feeling my hair as he drifts off. (sort of pulling, tugging on it) I bought him a nap mat that should be similar to what the other children all use, they will put it onto a cot. I'm worried since he won't be able to nurse OR feel my hair, he is going to have trouble settling down. If he gets off to a bad start the first day or two I'm worried it will set a bad precedent and he absolutely always naps for 2+ hours every day so not napping is out of the question. I'm trying to think of a way to help him fall asleep since I won't be there with him, and he won't be able to nurse at least maybe he can feel my hair.

How can I get some of my real hair onto his sleep mat (or something else) so that he has something to feel to help him fall asleep? I've already tried stuffed animals and other furry objects in the past and they haven't worked (although it could be because I was in the room too) he's only wanted my hair and got mad I tried to give him something else.

If I cut off some of my hair, how do I attach it together so it doesn't fall out everywhere, and then how do I get it onto the mat? I'm thinking if I put it onto a piece of fabric and then I can velcro that fabric onto the mat so that before I wash the mat, I can just remove that piece of velcro with the lock of hair. Problem is I've never sewed (well I did about 20 years ago actually, very briefly lol) I do own a machine someone gave me and I think I could figure it out if I needed to. But I have a close relative who sews VERY well and can help me if I tell her what to do. I'm not sure though if she will be available this weekend, my time is running out. But if so, then what instructions should I give her? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Or should I be looking at gluing the piece together (ends of hair) so they don't unravel?

Thought if someone made doll stuff or used to working with hair they might know if this is even possible or not, so I know whether or not to even bother her or if I should try to figure this out on my own!

Please send me any suggestions asap.

Artichokie's Avatar Artichokie 01:09 AM 07-14-2010
i know i've seen dolls that use real human hair. have you checked etsy?
EviesMom's Avatar EviesMom 01:31 AM 07-14-2010
I think a doll with human hair would be a reasonable option. But, I think it's not the hair per se that helps him, it's the fact that it's attached to you. Personally I would get a doll with or without human hair, and really just talk up how naptime is different and special at preschool. My kids have always napped differently for the sitter than with me, and not been phased by it beyond an adjustment period.
FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 09:47 PM 07-14-2010
What about a doll with your hair? Like this
newmum35's Avatar newmum35 10:58 PM 07-14-2010
I did check Etsy and didnt find much. The Lovey Babies is a wonderful original idea. I just might have to do that one for at HOME so I can sneak away and he can still have my hair to hold! lol love it!! (I do wish they had more fabric options though- don't see any solids like the photos)

So apparently there IS a way to attach hair to fabric. I wonder how they did it if they just sewed it or what. I'm afraid if I sent the doll with him to school it might get lost, I think it would be better if something was actually attached to the mat. BUT I will save that site because I could use it at home for sure. I am running out of time though for the mat but I did order some synthetic hair which Im hoping will come before Sat because I wasnt positive I could get enough of mine to do this right so it will give me another option, or something to practice with if nothing else. I'm guessing either sew over it between 2 fabrics, or maybe glue it and then sew.
rere's Avatar rere 05:05 PM 07-17-2010
I made a doll for my daughter using my hair.What I did was seal the ends of the hair in between two pieces of packing tape.Then I sewed the seam with a really short stitch right under the packing tape so when flipped right side out you wouldn't see the packing tape.

I made it about 3 years ago and it has held up well.It's kinda hard to see the hair in this pic but here it is.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 07:35 AM 07-26-2010
I agree with the PP that he isnt attached to the hair but the patten of 3 yrs of falling asleep with you. I would talk up how napping at school is different than napping at home. maybe even practice on his new 'school' nap mat.

School is a whole new experience for kids, after a couple days he will probably be fine. The 'hair' may prolong the adjustment period
newmum35's Avatar newmum35 02:55 AM 07-27-2010
I never got anything with hair made because I ran out of time. I did buy a bunch of stuff at the fabric shop but didn't get anything completed before his first day and I was up to the wee hours.

I tried practicing on his new nap mat at home prior to him starting but he would have nothing to do with it!

I did mention several times how I wouldn't be there during nap at school and that all the children slept at nap time so he knew what to expect.

Fortunately he fell asleep on schedule and slept for 2 hrs his first day (first 3 days actually)! No problems falling asleep as I had imagined. It was unreal.

However his teacher did encourage me to find something for him to use to become attached to instead of me as a way to encourage him to wean (since we are still breastfeeding) - I think she thought this might be a problem when he starts preschool in a few months. But, if he is already napping good, Im not sure this is necessary, but I definitely need it at home, so Im eyeing the site about the doll with hair and might still use my materials I bought to make my own (no longer interested in attaching it to the mat but using it for a doll pillow).

Thank you for the suggestions!

We have a totally different problem now (not related to napping) and that is a different thread.
2happymamas's Avatar 2happymamas 10:29 PM 07-28-2010
My suggestion (just an idea, but who knows? It may work):

-buy a hairpiece
-wear it religiously in your real hair so your scent will get on it. Place it where he normally touches so he will become accustomed to it.
-send the hairpiece to school with your son so he can stroke/love on it while he sleeps.