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kfillmore's Avatar kfillmore 05:53 AM 07-22-2010
Where do you store your (unprinted) digital photos????

Do you use snap fish or some of that type thing? How does that work for you.
Weird question-would you have then print nude photos of you DD?

I am really daft about all this.

4evermom's Avatar 4evermom 10:43 AM 07-25-2010
Mine are on CDs and/or on a backup hard drive. You just use websites either to share with other people or to order prints. I don't know if I'd order naked pictures of my child... Maybe see if a friend has the means to print them at home if you really want a print. Some people have home printers that do a decent job on photos.
Starry-eyedMom's Avatar Starry-eyedMom 01:23 PM 07-25-2010
I have all my photos on my laptop, our home computer, and my favorites on Shutterfly (in case of a fire or such). I would be wary of ordering any nude prints. I know you can find do-it-yourself printers. Our drugstore has one...
sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 03:36 PM 07-26-2010
We have Macs and all of our pictures are stored in iPhoto on my laptop and backed up weekly to an external hard drive. We have full backups in various locations around the country, too.

Winkflash is all automated. I would print naked baby pictures through them. The quality is good and they don't notice professional prints like Costco and other printing services do.