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dirtyhipegirl's Avatar dirtyhipegirl 05:47 PM 07-29-2010
This might seem kinda weird to some people I don't know. My dd was hit by a car in January and she was almost killed. She has since regained almost everything, and is still on the road to recovery. I just found the box of the clothes that she was wearing that morning, they are cut down the middle as the paramedics had to cut them off of her. I would really like to make something really cool with them. It's a sweatshirt, t-shirt and jeans. I thought about something with patchwork, maybe a wall hanging of some kind. I would like to look at whatever I make and see something hopeful,and inspiring rather than all the pain, if that makes sense. I really like the way applique and free stitching looks, so I'm thinking of something along those lines. Can anyone suggest something, maybe a link, or a good craft blog I could get ideas. Thank you.

sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 01:59 PM 07-31-2010
I like your vision and reasoning!

I don't have any suggestions for where to go with it, though. Just wanted to post and offer support....
rere's Avatar rere 01:17 PM 08-01-2010
Wow,what a great idea!and glad your daughter is in a place where you can turn those clothes into a happy thing!

For me I would come up with an image that symbolized her recovery,strength and future and just use the clothes to create that image.The first thing that popped into my head was a rising sun.I think I might make it a pillow because I think I would need to hug those clothes sometimes...but that's me.
FillingMyQuiver's Avatar FillingMyQuiver 01:34 PM 08-01-2010
I think I would make a wall hanging. Use the jeans as the base of it, and cut the jeans and sweatshirt into the appliques. Maybe a word appliqued on the denim. Maybe a word appliqued on the denim, like strength or hope. Get lightweight fusible webbing (like heat bond light) and put it on the backside of the shirt fabrics. Cut the letters for the words out of the shirts, take the backing off the webbing, and iron them onto the denim. A simple zigzag will applique the letters to the denim.

I do like rere's idea of a pillow, too. You can do the same technique for a pillow as a wall hanging.
ASusan's Avatar ASusan 02:00 PM 08-01-2010
If it were me, I would incorporate an outfit that she would wear today. Something that fits her now, and something that is whole. That way, I'd see the transition from torn and "broken" to mended/ing and healed.
dirtyhipegirl's Avatar dirtyhipegirl 09:26 PM 08-01-2010
Wow, all really great ideas, thank you all. Now if I could get a few hours uninterrupted to do it. Thanks for not thinking it was weird idea
Artichokie's Avatar Artichokie 11:09 PM 08-01-2010
I would make a patchwork heart shaped pillow.
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 07:02 AM 08-02-2010
I would have it framed and made into a 'shadow box' but thats just me.... with something totally inspiring written in the background.