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AFWife's Avatar AFWife 10:11 PM 09-07-2010
DS and I need something to do during the day at home. He's almost 17mo. He's not really verbal yet but has great understanding. He LOVES to help out around the house (unloading the dishwasher, wiping surfaces, putting up laundry, etc...) There isn't much room to run because we live in an apartment (no yard...and it's too hot usually atm)

Ideas? If it's an easy mess to clean up I'm all for it. We run out of things to do so quickly and he gets bored after a few hours.

Any crafts I can do that he'll enjoy? He doesn't fingerpaint (he hates stuff on his hands)

theresa1's Avatar theresa1 10:30 PM 09-07-2010
lots of kids are not ready to fingerpaint until closer to 2, try stickers.
A not to smelly shaving cream for fingerpainting with is a great early art project. You can also put the paint or shavingcream into a ziplock bag and poke, squeeze, or draw on it with fingers.
A bowl of rice or water on the kitchen floor with spoons or cup, not really a craft but you get to clean up afterwards like one.