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fraya's Avatar fraya 09:15 PM 03-20-2004
I have a friend whose family has been through a lot this last year. Her son has ended up watching Winnie the Pooh tapes that somebody loaned to them and wants a bouncy tail like Tigger's.

I feel like there has got to be a simple way to make something like that for him. Just get a really strong spring or something akin to that, big enough that he could sit on it, and then cover it in some kind of a tiger-striped fabric.

Any ideas, particularly on what to use for the inner workings (spring, etc.)? He's 3.5 y.o. and quite lightweight.


Katie Bugs Mama's Avatar Katie Bugs Mama 11:40 PM 03-20-2004
Until you said that you wanted him to be able to sit on it, I was going to suggest a slinky. You might be able to find something that could support his weight at Home Depot, but I'd be worried that it would be too heavy for him to comfortably wear. Good luck!
fraya's Avatar fraya 01:11 AM 03-21-2004
Yes, I initially thought something akin to a slinky. But he wants to 'bounce' on it like Tigger does. Good point about it being lightweight enough for him to wear around. Perhaps it'll have to be a bouncing-only tail, not one he can carry around with him... I keep wondering if there's some pogo stick kind of thing that'd work ...
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 01:32 AM 03-21-2004
I can't picture anything that would also be Safe for him.

How about finding him one of those balls with a handle for bouncing on? You could decorate it somehow to look Tiggerish.
Moooommy's Avatar Moooommy 02:55 AM 03-24-2004
Anything heavy enuf to support him is going to be awfully heavy.

You might have a look at the hardware store for some sort of srping--like ones used to close screen doors and such. It should have several wraps of wire at the end so it's not too poky.

Then I would cover it with a good sturdy fabric like heavy canvas or some such, then cover that with something more tiger-y.

And then, I would attach it to a *toy* Tiger....