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Harmony08's Avatar Harmony08 06:19 PM 09-13-2010

Does anybody have any inexpensive fall decorating craft ideas?????


NewMoonMum's Avatar NewMoonMum 07:10 PM 09-13-2010
I do-but my ideas might be more kiddy-ish than you were thinking.
I have a 2.5 year old son, and we work on crafts together, so it's lots of construction paper and paint and stuff, but I love it.
If you're crafty you can "upgrade" the type of things we do here.
We have lots of themes to choose from as we are a Pagan/Jewish household, but most of these themes are considered pretty secular, anyway.

Themes are obviously anything related to the harvest. Pumpkins,wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty. We also made a couple of scarecrow faces out of stuffed paper bags(cutting strips for the straw hair, a hat, and a face.)

I'm not sure if you were wanting more kid or adult-oriented crafts, so here's just a few ideas:

-Use real or colored-paper leaves to make a simple door wreath, or a fancier version out of something like grapevine, and embellish with pine cones, acorns and ribbon.
-Pick and dry flowers and herbs, and place in a jar with bits of bark, pine cones and the like, and add a few drops of essential oil.
-Weave wheat. Soak wheat shafts on the stalk for about an hour, then braid them together and shape as desired. Fasten with a ribbon.
-Decorate just about anything-make stationary, a paper to frame, use fabric paint for a tablecloth/napkins/etc-by halving and stamping an apple. Or, paint the veiny side of a leaf, lay down and roll with a rolling pin.
-Oh and don't forget the fragrances of autumn! Making mulled cider fills the house with the smell of autumn!!

have fun!
Harmony08's Avatar Harmony08 08:23 PM 09-13-2010
These are all great! Thanks a bunch for the ideas. I have an almost two-year-old so I want the house to feel festive and cozy to him and I want him to get to join in the fun so these are perfect ideas. I am just not exactly a crafter (but I wannabe!!!) so I have to figure out the hows.
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