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kimmom's Avatar kimmom 01:44 AM 09-19-2010
My parents are leaving to go sailing in Mexico on their boat for 6 months. They will be gone through the holidays and I wanted to homemake a gift for them before they go. Something the kids can help with.. Any ideas??

jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 12:21 AM 10-01-2010
make postcards? You could address them "to" your kids ... they can be made from any type of card stock ... not sure how that would work with Mexico mail, but I know I send them overseas from the US ...

well, that doesn't sound as awesome as it did in my head. sorry! good luck!
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 02:18 AM 10-01-2010
How old are your kids, what do your kids like to do craft-wise, what supplies do you have on hand?

Do you want to make some food stuff, can they take that? Some type of journal so they can record the trip?