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hennaLisa's Avatar hennaLisa 04:43 AM 12-11-2010

My son is 2.5 and will become a big brother just after he turns 3. I was thinking about getting him a heavy doll, but really don't know if it would be appropriate. He is not really into dolls - we have a few random plastic/cloth dolls that the other little ones in his nanny share play with. My son will sometimes hold them but is more interested in mechanical things like phones and cars. He is a very gentle and loving boy and his Father is extremely gentle, loving, and involved (a great roll model). I think the challenge of holding a heavy doll, or possibly changing a dolls clothes could be interesting to him, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have a recommendation for a doll for this age and for this life event? My little guy is fairly Mommy-clingy at times and I am afraid the transition to big brother might be hard for him so I'd love to find some ways to make it easier. 

OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 03:46 AM 12-18-2010

I'm not sure about the heavy babies for this, because the ones I've seen have no legs, and at least my son, who isn't a big doll fan, would have really not liked that.  I think having a doll or 2 in the house is a great idea.  My son has a simple waldorf style doll with a velour body, that is like his buddy, and occasionally gets to be a baby doll for him.  He also has played with his older sister's waterbaby doll a lot - its one we can put diapers on and it can even get in the bath with him.  In my experience, my son's favorite way to play with a doll has been to put it in a doll stroller and run through the house with it- lol. 


I recommend picking out a doll you like, that you feel comfortable spending the money on, even if your ds doesn't play with it much (your next child might love it though), one with legs so it can wear a diaper at times- like the new sibling, and one that can be carried around by your son if he wants to copy you. 


I really do love dolls for boys, btw. 

E.V. Lowi's Avatar E.V. Lowi 10:55 PM 12-18-2010

How about something like this-


It's weighted like Heavy Baby, but it has legs. Weighted dolls seem to appeal to kids who otherwise wouldn't have shown interest in a doll. Some children find these weighted dolls therapeutic, even. I don't think the clothes come off though.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 12:50 AM 12-25-2010
How about a plastic doll that he can bathe while you give the new baby a bath...I know everyone has drama over plastic but ds was 2 1/2 when dd was born... so that's what I wanted to get him wink1.gif

I bought dd ( now 1) 2 anatomically correct dolls and my 3 year old son decided that the boy doll wouldbe his:)

dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 11:49 AM 12-25-2010

Well, I just bought a baby doll at Goodwill. I don't have a bunch of money so, that's all I could afford. My son thinks it's really neat. It's more the size of a 32-34 week preemie and couldn't wear a diaper but oh well.

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