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31rubies's Avatar 31rubies 06:42 PM 02-10-2011

I tried handpainting some knitpicks bare yarn I had laying around.  I wanted it to match the ooga booga fabric, it is not exact, but close.  I think I have a new hobby, because I had a lot of fun!

nanette0269's Avatar nanette0269 09:39 AM 02-11-2011

did you use a spraybottle or drop it or submerge?  i'm eager to try kettle dying!

31rubies's Avatar 31rubies 09:50 AM 02-11-2011

I just poured it on there!

Think of Winter's Avatar Think of Winter 12:57 PM 02-11-2011

That's beautiful, and matches so well!  Good for you!

2xand2y's Avatar 2xand2y 06:24 PM 02-11-2011

Very nicely done!

peainthepod's Avatar peainthepod 05:05 PM 02-15-2011

That is awesome, nice work!


Do you sharing where you learned how to do that? I want to try!

31rubies's Avatar 31rubies 06:37 PM 02-21-2011

Thank you!  I found tons of sites just by googling, has a good tutorial.  Check it out, it is not hard at all, you can do it!  I even sold a skein in my etsy shop!  Right now I am knitting the yarn pictured in my original post into shorties for my ds.  The ooga booga fabric is going to be a shirt to match, that is, if I can pull myself away from dyeing long enough to sew!

shantimama's Avatar shantimama 05:09 AM 02-24-2011

 Dyeing yarn is so much fun!

PapayaMom's Avatar PapayaMom 07:16 AM 02-25-2011

love the colors and the fabric is adorable too!thumbsup.gif

kennedy444's Avatar kennedy444 09:21 AM 04-25-2011

Love your colors. What dye did you use?



DD and I just dyed a skein this weekend using the dye left over from coloring Easter eggs!

31rubies's Avatar 31rubies 09:30 AM 04-25-2011

oh that's pretty kennedy444.  !  I used wilton's.  : )

les_oiseau's Avatar les_oiseau 04:35 PM 04-25-2011

nice! I've been wanting to try dyeing for a while now and haven't gotten the guts to try