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nononose's Avatar nononose 11:52 AM 03-04-2011

Has anyone tried these?  I have a few questions before I order.  I'm looking for a few more fitteds for a newborn in a few months (DD was small) - I want small and trim!  DD wasn't a big wetter - frequent, but not a lot each time.  I'm assuming this one will be similar (but who really knows!).  I'm looking for something trim for the first few weeks/months.  I have far too many small and medium already, but didn't like that extra bulk of the smalls for the first while.


So ... Wazoodle has some diaper kits that caught my eye.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  Also, since I've never made a diaper before, and don't know a whole lot about the fabric, would you recommend the bamboo french terry kit (uses pique next to the skin) or the bamboo fleece?  I don't know which is softer, thinner, more absorbent etc... If it makes any difference, I didn't much like the kissaluvs I had, but loved the Mother Ease Sandy's - I just wish they were trimmer.  The other question I had was if you think I could easily make a slightly smaller diaper to accommodate the smaller newborn size, or is that just asking for problems.  And, if you are still willing to answer more questions - any feedback on their breast pad kits?  Thanks a lot!

npl's Avatar npl 12:54 PM 03-04-2011

Can't speak for the diaper kits, because I looked but didn't buy. I didn't want to make something with Zorb in it.


The breast pad kids are fine. I bought bamboo knit, and they are so soft. I just overstiched the edges and did a plain seam, (no serger, and I didn't want the bulk of turned and topstitched) and they are quite thin, very soft, but very large. They aren't at all contoured, but with a little extra effort you could take darts in them. I wear them for comfort, but if I need something that absolutely won't show, I use my commercial cotton ones (I think they're kushies).



RoamingWidgeteer's Avatar RoamingWidgeteer 01:00 PM 03-04-2011

I've been using the kits and like them but havent tried any other brand so cant compare.

  • the small size is very small, and you can make them less bulky by only sewing in 2 layers of zorb instead of three.
  • small would have only fit for about a month for us (never used cause fingers were too swollen from water retension to sew)
  • havent tried the bamboo lined ones but the pique liner is better than i had thought - the poop seems to stick so it doesnt squish out the sides as easily :)

nononose's Avatar nononose 02:38 PM 03-04-2011

Thanks for the replies!


I was worried about the Zorb too - I don't really know anything about it.  Will have to think about that further, but I think I'll give one of these kits a try - not sure if I'll go with fleece or french terry though.  I guess I could always order more soaker blanks if I don't like the zorb.  Glad to hear they fit small - I primarily want something for the first little while - until my smalls fit the baby.  I have some preemie prefolds too, and a few AIO that are XS.


I think I'll try out the breast pads too - if I can figure out how to make a dart in them.  I tried a number of nursing pads with my daughter, and the ones I loved (and the only ones I even liked) were bamboo (mother-ease).  They were big (about 5"), but they were more invisible than even the disposable ones I tried (I'm small breasted) ... I wonder if that's more a property to the darts, or the fact that they washed so flat (not wrinkly at all).  I had a different pair of bamboo that did not sit so flat (bambooino).  I guess if they aren't flat enough, they can be used for overnight, or something else altogether - small wipes?


Thanks again for the input - won't be ordering for a week or so if anyone else wants to add an opinion!

npl's Avatar npl 08:21 PM 03-05-2011

You can definitely use them as facial wipes, or baby wipes. They would be good for that.

I went through tons of them in the first few weeks postpartum, and I don't get out much then, anyway. Good for nighttime, too. That way, you can save your expensive ones for when it matters that they don't show!

Also, you can decide how many layers to make them. I went with two layers, and just doubled up when I was leaking like crazy. That way, if the closer pad got damp, I could remove it and still had a dry pad. I did not get the stay-dry or the pul, just the bamboo.


As for french terry or fleece - I ordered yardage and soaker blanks, and between those and the pads I had quite a range. I just can't remember which fabric it was that shed terribly when it was cut and sewed. It did stop when the edges were finished and the item was washed. I've been trying to remember what fabric it was, but I can't be sure. I'm thinking it was the french terry though, and it was the loops that were a pain to deal with - lots of little fluffy shreds all over my clothes while I sewed!

nononose's Avatar nononose 07:12 AM 03-06-2011

I was tempted to order yardage and soaker blanks instead.  Did you use both the french terry and the fleece for diapers?  Which did you prefer as a diaper, or rather, which was trimmer and which seemed more absorbant or more BF-poo-containing, or softer and more flexible?  I think as long as the shedding stops after they are sewn, I'm not too bothered by that (I'll remember that and dress accordingly though!). It was probably the french terry. I don't have a serger ... still tempted to buy one, but not sure I can justify it.  I keep coming up with small projects that one would be useful, but can't yet justify the expense!


I had a good need for breast pads last time - constantly for the first 6 months.  At that price, I think it's worth a try!  

RoamingWidgeteer's Avatar RoamingWidgeteer 11:07 AM 03-06-2011

Get a serger! Its so much faster and I prefer the serged edges to turn&topstitch for diapers because the fabric of the elastic casing lies flatter. Once you have the serger, you'll be using it much more than you think now because its faster than a sewing machine and feeds better. Not to mention the stretchier seems for jersey and lycra.


Oh,and back to Wazoodle - yes the terry sheds bits, but stop if shaken out or once finished & washed.  And the kits contain very generous amounts of elastic, snaps (or velcro) - I had plenty left over.

moondiapers's Avatar moondiapers 10:19 PM 03-06-2011

zorb is like a sponge.  It soaks up the pee fast, but doesn't hold it.  If they sit down it all squeezes out.

Textile_Mike's Avatar Textile_Mike 06:57 PM 06-05-2011

Originally Posted by moondiapers View Post

zorb is like a sponge.  It soaks up the pee fast, but doesn't hold it.  If they sit down it all squeezes out.

The large initial uptake capability of Zorb can trick novice designers.    Absorbtion has 2 factors, the speed of absorbtion and the capacity, it's not uncommon for diaper makers to under design for capacity when using rapid absorbers.


 Diapers need very fast absorbtion, Zorb does this better than any other material.  They also need to retain that moisture, Zorb also does this better too.  What can be confusing is that Zorb can instantly uptake 10x it's weight in moisture but it can only hold 5x it's weight under pressure (2000ml/m2).  It's common for new designers to base their designs on the initial absorbtion, not the retaining ability and therefor under spec soakers.



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Mother4Jesus's Avatar Mother4Jesus 08:05 PM 10-23-2011

I LOVE Zorb. I also love their new Zorb II. It absorbs and you don't have to worry about sandwhiching the fabric. I make trifolds. THis is the easiest way to get your three layers..you wash and dry only one layer. Just make sure your serger blade is in good shape.