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jeteaa's Avatar jeteaa 10:28 AM 04-07-2011

I NEED to throw myself into learning and mastering an art. Ultimately I would love to be able to sell some at our local farmers market.

I am not necessarily skilled in one form of art, so I would be starting mostly from the beginning. I am willing to spend some money to set up shop. Do you have any experience or advice about my options or can you add some ideas to my list.

  • pottery (dishes)
  • glass blowing
  • glass beads
  • wire jewelry or home decor


I can make some simple crochet and knitting projects, but its "not my thing". I do have a sewing machine, but I can't really think of anything unique to make with it. 

Limabean1975's Avatar Limabean1975 10:46 AM 04-07-2011
Stained glass
dairy2dogs's Avatar dairy2dogs 11:57 AM 04-07-2011

I vote stained glass too.  I love stained glass windows!  I should learn how to do it myself. 

kessy's Avatar kessy 03:20 AM 05-03-2011

 this is really nice Idea and I also go with stained glass...