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Kerrie's Avatar Kerrie 10:45 AM 05-07-2011

I think I have made everything for my mom that I can but I still need a gift for tomorrow.  We've made bags, stepping stones, photo collages, etc. I do not have any money to spend and only have the afternoon to make it.  I have a TON of fabric and assorted crafting supplies.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

34me's Avatar 34me 10:48 AM 05-07-2011

Rice bag, hand prints on a wall hanging (extra fabric seamed on all sides with hand prints), reusable grocery bag, suger scrub, epsom bath salts,......

Kerrie's Avatar Kerrie 12:08 PM 05-07-2011

We've either done it (hand prints, bags)  or she would not like it (rice bag, bath salts).  Why is this so hard????  Thank you anyway!

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 12:29 PM 05-07-2011