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JoHoyt's Avatar JoHoyt 07:04 AM 10-27-2011

I'm making some old-fashioned toys requiring both wood and string--a climbing bear, a buzz saw, a figure who flips over a rope when you squeeze the sticks holding either end of the rope (I don't know the usual name for this one). The older books just say to use 'string'. Do any of you make toys like this? If so, what kinds of string have you found sturdy enough to use?
Any thoughts appreciated. 

adinal's Avatar adinal 11:10 AM 10-27-2011

Hmm, you might try something like baker's twine? http://www.blackinkboston.com/store/show/28-xxx9-bakers-string (no affiliation - just the first result in google with a good picture.)


That stuff is pretty strong, plus the red/white stripe is kind of fun.