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Adasmommy's Avatar Adasmommy 11:39 AM 11-14-2011

My daughter (2 years) doesn't keep covers on.  We live in Florida but we're going to be traveling in an RV all winter in colder climes so I want to make her a sleeping bag with arms or arm holes, like a baby sleep sack.  I bought a coat at the thrift store this morning that I thought I could sew up the bottom of, then modify the top to make it fit her.  It's a man's coat.  I don't know what it's stuffed with--it's slippy fabric with some stuffing, like a sleeping bag.


Anyone tried something like this?  Got any ideas or advice?  I'm also thinking of lining the inside with a wool sweater so it will be warm to get into (in case we are putting it on her when she's already asleep and don't want her to wake up from touching the cold bag. 


No machine, so hand-sewing project.  Because I've got that much free time--ha!

motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 08:26 PM 11-17-2011

hmmm - never done it myself - but i certainly sounds like it would work....i think cutting off the bottom, sewing that seam across - makes sense - is it buttons or a zipper?   I understand where you are coming from wanting to sew in a wool liner to be warm - i have the same issue with cold sheets in our 'always cold in here!' bedroom - but that really may make it TOO warm.    The sleeves - do they have cuffs on the end?  i think cuffs are like mandatory winter gear - i would use a seam ripper to remove them, set aside - then cut off as much of the sleeve as you need to , and bring it in - then re-fit the cuff on the end.

The collar, i might cut off any collar or hood or anything from the outside of the jacket, then take up the shoulder seams to make the neck a bit smaller.  - you could also add some rib-knit binding here for comfort and warmth.....

good luck with it!