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mum06's Avatar mum06 07:30 PM 12-03-2011

So, a friend of mine gave me a huge box of yarn and half-knit projects that has been sitting in a friend's aunt's closet or something forever.  Some of the sweater pieces were so close to being finished and then never pieced together.  I've washed all the pieces to see how felted they would get...a little, but not too much.  I can see why no one would want the sweater...the wool is the scratchiest I've ever felt (haha).  Anyone that would have received one of these sweaters would have immediately called it the Sweater from Hell.  So I am not going to make: hats, sweater boots, mittens, baby pants, or any kind of upcycled garment that will be next to anyone's skin out of these pieces.  What should I make?  And what should I knit with the remaining skeins of yarn?  Some of it is really nice and was imported from Ireland!  But it is SO ITCHY!

jess in hawaii's Avatar jess in hawaii 07:44 PM 12-03-2011

Pot holders/hot pads!

SusannahR's Avatar SusannahR 08:14 PM 02-04-2012

draft blockers, chair cushion covers, if you have kids, a play rug or play mat.