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tylersmomma's Avatar tylersmomma 05:26 PM 12-12-2011

has anybody have made a wrap like the moby wrap? and if so how is it done? whats the babys weight limit for using the wrap?

Nicole730's Avatar Nicole730 05:34 PM 12-12-2011

I've made a few.  I just browsed the cotton jersey knits at JoAnns and found one in the red tag clearance section.  Depending on the width, you can just buy how every many yards you want and you're set.  Knit fabrics do not need to be hemmed.  Or else if you find a 60" wide fabric you buy half the length and cut it in half and sew it together.  When I did that I overlapped about 12 inches and then sewed a large rectangle and a few X's and zigzags in the middle of the rectangle.  I don't think weight will be an issue with the stretchy wrap because by the time the kid is too heavy for the material you won't be using the stretchy wrap anymore anyway. 


I definitely don't follow the "rules" about buying fabrics.  I buy what I like that's inexpensive and go for it.  I have a few non-stretchy wraps from all different sections of the fabric store and I have never had any issues with the fabric coming apart or the middle seams coming undone.  Or with comfort either.