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CorriJ 01-19-2012 08:07 PM

I'm hoping some one here can help me out. I've bought two sets of cloth pads from Luna Pads which I absolutely love. I'd like more but money is tight right now. I have decent sewing skills and I'd like to make some of my own to bulk out my supply. Which brings me to the question of what the heck is ultra thin nylon? Can I pick some up at joanns? 


The pad construction is a base of 2 layers of cotton fabric, "1 layer of ultra-thin nylon to minimize soaking through" and a top layer of cotton fleece. 


I was also curious if a similar construction would work for cloth diapers?


Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can help me out.


motherhendoula 01-22-2012 07:43 PM

Im gonna go ahead and make an educated guess that this is PUL fabric.  (Polyurethane Laminate)  it is quite thin, is used in Luna pads, also in cloth diapers, and is waterproof.  They do sell it at Joanns - usually around $9 - 10 / yd  (54")

it can be machine washed and dried - it would work perfectly as the barrier layer for Luna pads.   I think these will be fairly simple to make at home - but you will most likely need velcro or snaps to keep the "wings"  together  - that might be more costly than the fabric! 

as for the top you could use old sweatshirt fleece, old towel terry cloth, any sort of flannel -

The PUL will be the bottom layer so you dont soak through - i think 1/2 yard would get you at least 6 - 8 large pads. 

(and dont forget to use the Joanns coupons!!)    good luck!

CorriJ 01-23-2012 05:30 PM

Thanks motherhendoula! I picked some up along with some fleece, I'm making a baby blanket and some burp cloths for a friend and needed some anyways. I did remember my coupons and saved about $7. The PUL was about 11 dollars a yard, but I only needed a thin strip, six inches will get me 3-4 regular and 2 long. Now I just need to experiment with my zigzag stitch and I should be good. 

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