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WindyCityMom's Avatar WindyCityMom 12:04 PM 01-30-2012

Last December DD1 got a Waldorf doll for her 3rd birthday (etsy).  By the time next November rolled around, the doll was falling apart, despite no mistreatment.  Tons of holes in her knit skin, her hair was mostly gone, and her arms were very loose and close to falling off.  Her limbs weren't stuffed very firm and they were lumpy and bumpy. I contacted the seller and she wonderfully replaced the doll free of charge (I paid return shipping).  


We got the dolly back, and I noticed that she had some uneven stuffing but that was really the only issue so I tried to even it out a little but that was it.  I figured I had already laid enough burden on the seller.  We have been careful with the doll- DD no longer sleeps with her, dolly has her own bed.  I am the only one who changes her shirts, and dolly spends most of her day in bed or in a high chair getting spoon fed "cookies".  Not the life I wanted her doll to live, but if it was going to preserve her until she was ready to move on a little, great.  But this doll is a friend to her, and she loves her deeply.  DD is more than content with the limited "play contact".


Today, my DD2 picked up the dolly (by the waist) and her arms fell to the floor!  My DD1 shrieked in horror. Where the seller put the needle through the torso to sew on the arms, there are 1mm-2mm holes (also on the arms).  It looks like the thread holding the arms in came untied, or came through the skin.  I highly suspect this seller is using a cheap knit.  My kids do NOT mistreat this doll!  We have another doll made by the peruvian co-op from Nova Natural and she has held up just fine!  She is my 2yo's doll and she really takes a beating.  She is perfect (well, her hair is fuzzy, but that's typical!). 


I messaged the seller and haven't heard back yet, but I feel really really guilty.  She has already replaced her once.  I feel like this seller was trying to meet an unrealistic deadline when she re-made the doll (she made her in a day or two!) and on her blog said that "it was a doll she needed to complete by x date".  She does the 52 projects thing. 


What do you think the seller should do?



If the seller chooses not to replace, how can I fix the arms?  They are button jointed.  What kind of thread and needle would I use?  Also one of her arms is busting at the seam due to the uneven stuffing.  How can I fix that?





iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 08:14 AM 01-31-2012

A sturdy cotton thread and sewing needle should take care of the seam.  And a crochet thread and long doll needle (5") will get the arm back on.  What a shame when toys don't hold up to our children's play.  It seems as though your doll is just really not very high quality.  I would assume the seller isn't going to do anything about it and I probably wouldn't purchase again from her. But it has been over a year and she replaced once......

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