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Rasa's Avatar Rasa 07:14 PM 02-01-2012

I made some washable nursing pads for myself--and I'm thinking about making a few nursing pads with flax inside as heat/cold compresses.  


I'm trying to figure out a way to perhaps make these washable...if I sandwich the flax between 2 layers of cotton PUL (so the flax seeds are inside the waterproof portion) and then layer hemp/fleece on top of the PUL, do you think they would survive the washer but still be functional to be chilled in the freezer or heated in the microwave?  I don't know about microwaving PUL...but think it might work if it can be dried in the drier (what kind of toxic situation could I be creating in the microwave though...hmmm).


Of course, I could always just put flax inside muslin or something and then make a washable cover...just wondering since I'll be using these in the early days if I'll be leaking a ton and end up soaking the flax seeds as well...really not trying to grow anything nasty here or make a smoothie pad (haha!)

motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 07:59 PM 02-18-2012

yea i think making a separate, washable cover is the way to go on this one!