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skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 01:36 PM 06-01-2012
I got my first wool soaker a few days ago and love it! The commercially available ones are prohibitively expensive though, so I'd love to take a crack at making one myself. I can barely knit in a straight line so that's out but I enjoy crocheting very much (not that my 14 month old leaves me with lots of time on my hands lol). I was wondering if anyone could recommend a fairly simple pattern. I would also like a recommendation on good but economical yarn options. Thank you in advance.

mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 06:19 PM 06-01-2012

No help with the pattern question, but I watch the thrift stores for good yarn deals, especially for smallish projects. Seems many folks donate leftovers, or even whole projects worth. I accumulate way too much yarn this way! But it is really cheap, and I have found lovely alpaca, organic cotton, and bamboo yarns.

thegreenbeagle's Avatar thegreenbeagle 09:38 PM 06-07-2012

Have you looked on  There may be one there - make it out of wool and then probably felt it.... ?