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Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 09:26 PM 07-17-2012
Has anyone here knitted the dead fish hat? I don't know how to post a link to it but if you Google dead fish hat you will get the pattern. I need/want to make 2 of them for Christmas gifts, one for ds and one for my mom. Some of my background info on knitting is I have only ever made washcloths. I would really like to do this pattern with a circular needle instead of the double pointed needles, and I have never made anything in the round before, I have read at least 20 or more tutorials but I just can't figure out how to do this pattern, do my circular needles need to be exactly the circumference of the hat? It says you cast on 90 stitches, and the hat is about 20 inches wide. My needles are 23" though. So I am wondering if I need a shorter cord. Also it says that you knit and purl every other row, but I thought when knitting in the round you didn't need to change between knit and purl and that it would always come out in stockinette (sp?). Maybe this pattern is just to much for me, I don't know. Anyone have any help they can offer?
Thanks in advance!

34me's Avatar 34me 10:50 PM 07-17-2012
I've thought about it several times but have never done it. So I refreshed my memory and looked at the pattern on Yes you can use a circular needle if you are more comfortable. If using a circular needle I like to use a smaller circumference than my project but only slightly. The body of the fish is done in the round so yes, you just knit. For the tail you use straight needles so you knit one row and purl the next to get stockinette
Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 09:15 PM 07-18-2012
Thank you for your help! I need to either ask a friend if she has a needle that I can use or I will have to go buy one. I really want to be successful at this project!