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Smokering 09-07-2012 09:13 PM

Sooo, I want to buy DD a Waldorf doll for Christmas. Currently she only has a plastic baby doll, and she's been inveigling my little sister into making clothes for it; and last night she helped me make it a little skirt (her very first sewing project!) *sniff*


It's cute enough, but I'd rather she had an "older" doll, and I really love the look of the Waldorf ones. I have no interest in making the doll itself, but I'd love to make it lots of little clothes.


So I've been looking round on Etsy. I love this one - but holy price point, Batman! Still, her skin seems to be made of a sturdy fabric (tricot) - a lot of the other dolls are made of cotton jersey, and I wonder how well that'd hold up over the years? I want this doll to last. I was thinking of asking the seller if she could sell me the doll naked for a slightly lower price, as I'm not too fussed about the clothes and want to sew some myself anyway.


Anyway, things I need to know:


-Is cotton jersey too flimsy/liable to stretch, fade, stain etc - for a long-lasting doll?

-Is Etsy the best place to get Waldorf dolls, or do you know any other great sites that sell 'em?

-I was thinking of getting a 12-inch doll - 18 inches seems kinda huge to me. Any thoughts? What about 10-inch?

-What kind of hair is best (for styleability, not going straggly/pilly, and so on)?

-Anything else I should look out for in terms of quality?


And do you think a Waldorf-type doll is likely to be loved by a four-year-old girl for years to come? Your kids didn't find them too babyish, or anything? I think they're adorable, but you never can tell with kids. :p


I want to get the doll soon so I can start working on a stash of clothes for Christmas. Thanks for any advice!

IdentityCrisisMama 09-08-2012 09:06 AM

I would also look into German-made Waldorf dolls - we have one and it's stood up very even looks cute with the HUGE black Sharpie (permanent marker) scar DC drew down the length of her body. eyesroll.gif

feltingmama 09-09-2012 03:45 PM

Bella Luna Toys has a great selection of Waldorf dolls in a range of prices. I LOVE the handmade Heavy Baby Doll. It has the weight and feel of a real baby. The Peppa Waldorf Dolls are more affordable and really cute. I see you're in New Zealand. I think they ship internationally for a flat rate.


Good luck finding the perfect doll for your DD!



sociostud 11-03-2012 07:44 AM

Hi, I don't know if you've decided on the doll you wanted yet, but I had a few waldorf dolls when I was a kid, and I still have them now, over 20 years later... Really, they were my favorite, I took them everywhere with me, and yet they still look nice.


If you want to find other dolls, I really like the Käthe Kruse dolls


Otherwise, if you have a Waldorf/Steiner school not far from your place, you should check out their Christmas market, they usually sell some made by parents, and you will find lots of other great things, such as wooden toys, clothes for the doll, etc.

Andreann 11-28-2012 06:56 PM

I'll try to answer some of your questions :)


I make Waldorf dolls (to sell)  Here are the state of the two I made for my kids:

The first I made, Victoria, is now around 2 year old. The nose is a little stained and she has a chocolate stain on her hand that won't come off, but the rest is okay! She has a crocheted cap with each strand of hair entered one by one. This is the most durable way to do it. They are still beautiful after 2 years. My daugther style them like she wants: braids, pony tail, loose... She can brush them as well. They are mohair. You need to be careful while washing the hair because they may felt together, but they are easy to separate afterwards. She is about 15" tall.

The (number unknown) doll I made for my son, Albus, in now 1 year old. It has a little more stains then Victoria. My son carries it around everywhere. He sleeps with it. He tried taking a bath with it once. He cried because I didn't allow it to enter the swimming pool. His hair are a crocheted cap as well, but with TONS of short mohair strands, it took ages. It is about 16" tall.


They are very well loved.


Tricot and cotton jersey is the same thing.


12" might be too little for a 4 year old. 14" or 16" as more of a "real baby" feel. My dolls can wear preemee clothing. 10" is definitely too little to play baby imo.

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