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Banana731's Avatar Banana731 07:17 AM 09-13-2012
So I've never made a knitted cover before. I started making one but I've noticed that the ribbing is much looser ( as in the stitches themselves are bigger, I know ribbing is supposed to be stretchy) than the stockinette in the body. It looks odd. The pattern i' m using has the same needles throughout, but Should I use smaller needles on the ribbing? Is it common to do this?

Aurora's Avatar Aurora 09:30 AM 09-13-2012

I always go down 2 needle sizes when I am knitting ribbing. If I don't, my ribbing looks like what you are describing. smile.gif

Banana731's Avatar Banana731 06:30 PM 09-13-2012
Good to know it's not just to me!
Katie T's Avatar Katie T 01:04 PM 10-13-2012
Yup I go down needles as well. If you have a draw string on these and don't want to rip them out it won't matter in the end but something good to stick in your head for future projects. : )
lactatinggirl's Avatar lactatinggirl 07:40 PM 10-14-2012

I've always gone down two needle sizes from my gauge. They still stretch out over time though, so either way I think a tie is useful.