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denaverbena's Avatar denaverbena 08:53 PM 11-14-2012

The first cable scarf I made was two sided, now Im working on a beautiful pattern that I really love, but noticing the back looks totally unattractive.  This is the pattern Im using  Do most cable scarves have the pattern on both sides?  I'm looking at other patterns, but can't tell if the pattern is two sided.  Thanks!

iowaorganic's Avatar iowaorganic 12:50 PM 11-21-2012

no- generally cable scarf patterns are not 2 sided.  A 2 sided cable is actually a tight rib so it looks like stocking stitch on both sides.  You could probably adapt the pattern-  I think you would k1p1 instead of a k1.  

shantimama's Avatar shantimama 05:00 PM 11-29-2012

Try this pattern -  you get cables on both sides with this and it is a fun and easy pattern to work.