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Triniity's Avatar Triniity 11:26 PM 05-19-2013



I am trying to find a way to protect the school stuff of DD1 without using plastic. We used Cardboard folders, but they look as if they accidentally went into the shredder...and I feel bad for DD1 if her stuff looks so untidy...


is there a way to not use plastic and still have neat stuff (even for a chaos princess :) ) 



katelove's Avatar katelove 01:04 AM 05-20-2013
Do you sew? There are lots of free patterns online for fabric or patchwork notebook covers. I'm sure they cod be adapted for folders as well.
Triniity's Avatar Triniity 01:54 AM 05-20-2013

I do sew, and I love the way the fabric covers look...but how do they look after being carried around by a seven year old? 


does anybody have experience how good that keeps up?

katelove's Avatar katelove 04:42 AM 05-21-2013
Hm, good point. I don't know I'm afraid. Scotchguard perhaps? Or wash them now and then with the school cloths if there aren't too many.
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