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CortC's Avatar CortC 08:10 PM 09-12-2013

I would like to make this poncho, but can't find the pattern for less than $7 and I guess am too cheap to pay that much (though I plan to use nice yarn, which isn't cheap). Does anyone have a similar pattern I can have for free? I would prefer knitting this, but am ok with crochet too. Thanks!

lauren's Avatar lauren 05:41 AM 09-14-2013

Bumping for CortC

CortC's Avatar CortC 06:42 AM 09-15-2013

I'm fairly new to forums and don't understand your wording. Was my post not appropriate?
lauren's Avatar lauren 06:50 AM 09-15-2013

No you are fine! Sorry! When someone doesn't get a response within a reasonable time frame, moderators will sometimes give the thread a 'bump' by replying to it. This makes the thread rise to top in the forums as well as in the 'active threads' which a lot of people look at to see active conversations. It makes the thread more visible again, so that the person will hopefully get a response. Since I don't know anything about patterns or ponchos I was hoping to just attract some attention to your thread so you WOULD get an answer! I hope that makes sense!

flyagaric's Avatar flyagaric 10:16 AM 09-16-2013

Hi CortC, delurking to say I'd really like the pattern for this too! But I found this, d'you think it's more or less the same? Except the tassels which are simple enough to add... :)

CortC's Avatar CortC 11:09 AM 09-16-2013
Thank you! My daughter is a size 5-6, but I think that wouldn't be a problem to size up. The pattern is cute and simple. And I think I can handle the hood directions. Thanks!
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